How to Develop Your Brand’s Tone of Voice the Right Way

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Steady and consistent promotion of your brand can increase your revenue by 23%.

What does steady and consistent brand promotion mean? You have to have a great story around your brand, and you need to have a strong brand tone of voice.

That doesn’t mean that you just post a testimonial on Facebook. It means truly understanding your client and learning what’s important to them.

There’s a process to create a voice and story for your brand. Are you ready to learn what that process is?

Let’s get started!

What Is Your Brand?

Did you know that a brand isn’t your logo? It’s not a tagline, either. The reason why so many struggle to define their brand is because a brand isn’t tangible.

It’s an emotion.

A brand is a promise that you make to your customers. That promise can be summed up in a few words.

For example, Nike’s brand promise is to inspire and create innovative products for athletes. Coca-Cola’s brand promise is happiness. Volvo’s brand promise is safety.

When you start to think about your brand’s tone of voice, think of what you promise your customers. Don’t think of something like, great customer service.

Take it a step further. Ask yourself how excellent customer service can make your customers feel. They might feel secure or taken care of. That can be a part of your brand tone of voice.

Develop a Brand Personality

The best brands have personalities. They’re not flamboyant, but it is obvious as to what the brand stands for. You’ll want your brand’s personality to stand out but be authentic to who and what you are as a company.

The brand personality is another step in creating the voice of your brand. You want the brand’s voice to fit the brand’s personality. If it doesn’t fit, it just won’t work.

Think of a person that you look at and have an expectation for how they sound when they talk. They speak, and it’s nothing close to what you expected. It’s a little jarring, and it takes getting used to.

Your brand’s tone of voice works the same way. If you develop a brand personality that’s serious and professional, but the voice is playful and fun, it won’t quite work. Both the personality and voice need to align.

Where do you begin to create the brand personality? People that like to write and make up stories will love this exercise. You’re about to create your own character.

  • If your company was a car, what would it be?
  • If your brand was a famous person, who would they be?
  • What does your brand wear?
  • What does your brand do all day?
  • Where does your brand shop?
  • What quote says it all about your brand?
  • Why did you answer the questions above the way you did?
  • How do you want your customers to feel about your brand?

As you answer these questions, you’ll be able to visualize your brand and the personality of your brand. You can then take the next step and create the voice of your brand.

The Brand Tone of Voice

You have the personality of your brand. Now is the time to develop your brand’s tone of voice.

How does your brand speak? Does the brand speak with authority or confidence? Does your brand voice have an edge?

Think about the words that your brand uses. The words also have to fit with the personality and emotion that you want to convey.

Once you have the brand voice, you’ll need to create a brand voice chart. This is a one-sheet that has the messaging and the brand’s tone. This should be carried by everyone who delivers content within your organization.

Conveying the Brand to the Public

Your content marketers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They’re the ones responsible for creating a complete customer experience and consistent brand experience.

That starts by introducing the brand to your customers. That is usually through blog posts and social media posts. To ensure your brand tone of voice is consistent moving forward, you’ll want to go through your blog posts and make adjustments to include your new tone of voice.

You can have a brand tone of voice for different channels.

For example, you can have your tone on social media be relaxed and fun. You may find that it’s important to be professional and authoritative while having fun. With the media, you want your brand to project authority and expertise.

Branding and Customer Experience

You learned earlier that a consistent brand experience can increase your sales by a substantial amount. Each time a customer interacts with your company, it’s a part of the company experience.

That’s is also part of the brand experience. You need to go through each touchpoint and ensure that the tone of voice is consistent throughout.

That includes social media posts, website content, pre-sales questions, order fulfillment, and customer service communication.

For example, your brand tone of voice is fun and relaxed. You want your customer service reps to have fun with your customers while helping them out.

A Brand That People Can Relate To

There’s a reason why a brand is a company’s most valuable asset. It’s the glue that holds the relationship between your business and your customers together.

Even though there are millions of ways to be connected in the digital world, people are really looking for deep emotional ties. Your brand tone of voice helps create that emotional bond.

The steps outlined in this article will help you create a tone of voice in branding that’s effective. You’ll end up with a tribe of loyal customers who buy from your company time and time again.

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