How to Detect and Prevent Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Tree roots are a common plumbing problem for homeowners. If not detected and treated early, they can cause extensive damage to your sewer line. This blog post will discuss how to detect and prevent tree roots in your sewer line. It will also provide effective solutions for every homeowner. If you’re dealing with a tree root infiltration in your sewer line, don’t panic! Call a professional plumbing service in Taunton, MA, right away!

5 Signs you may have tree roots in your sewer line:


  • Water back-up in your toilets or drains
  • Slow draining plumbing fixtures
  • Gurgling noises from your plumbing fixtures
  • Bad smells coming from your drains
  • Grass or plants growing above your sewer line


Prevention tips:


Have your sewer line inspected regularly: Having your sewer line checked periodically is the best way to prevent tree roots from infiltrating the pipe. A professional plumbing service will be able to detect any potential problems and take care of them before they become a major issue.

Fix any cracks or leaks in your sewer line: If there are any cracks or leaks in your sewer line, it’s important to fix them as soon as possible. Tree roots are attracted to moisture, so they will often grow in wet areas.

Use root killer: Root killer is a chemical that can be used to kill tree roots that have already infiltrated your sewer line. It’s important to use a root killer that is specifically designed for sewer lines, as other chemicals can damage the pipe.

If you think you may have tree roots in your sewer line, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumbing service. They will be able to assess the situation and provide you with the best solution for your home. In most cases, tree roots can be removed without damaging the pipe. However, if the roots are too deeply entrenched, replacing the entire sewer line may be necessary. Whatever the case may be, a professional plumbing service will be able to help you resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Consult the pros now!


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