How To Create an Inspiring and Commercially Successful Website


    Are you thinking of changing your website’s design or content? Both are equally important for commercial success. For starters, you must know that the visitors do not land on your website to appreciate the beauty of the web design. They are looking for information! As long as they get crisp information, they will not be bothered with how complex the design is.

    On second thoughts, complex designs have become history as of now. People are appreciating simple web design because it loads faster and is user-friendly as well.

    Here’s a post that covers the ways to create an inspiring and commercially successful website. After all your end goal is to enhance the conversion rates.

    Giving a Visual Break

    The usage of negative space or white space is useful. This is effective because it gives a visual break to the readers. When too much is happening on the screen and there is no breathing space, the reader may get a headache. Add images and some space between the texts.

    Psychology of Colors

    Web design psychology has become a trend! Web designers are embracing the fact that the usage of the right colors can boost the conversion rate. How? The choice of color affects the mood of the visitor. If you are selling mommy and baby products, red or gray may not be the best choice. The former refers to nothingness and the latter means aggression. The business owner will pick a light color such as baby pink or light blue. It uplifts the mood and conveys the message.

    Keep it Minimalistic

    Simple designs are preferred because it is effortless to look at and makes navigation easier. When the visitor goes to your website, they can get intimidated by the complex design. Creating a user-friendly experience is vital. Also, complex designs take a long time to load. People have very less patience and will leave your website as soon as they feel it is taking too long to load.

    Creating a Safe and Positive Experience

    When you ask for bank details on the website, the visitors look for reassuring symbols such as a telephone. This means that you are approachable and the users can call you anytime! They are looking for a ‘safe’ sign so that they feel secure to share the bank details. You need to create a positive experience to earn the trust.

    Words from the Wise

    When you take care of all these factors, the visitors feels welcomed on your website. There are too many websites that use the wrong colors and have too much content but not enough white space. Before building your website, make sure you KNOW your target audience.

    When you know your target audience, color selection and layout choice will be easier. Always remember that you are building the site to solve people’s queries.