How to Create an Impressive and Eye-Catching Tradeshow Booth Design

Tradeshows are a great way to get your products and your brand in front of prospective customers. But with attendees spending more than eight hours on average viewing different booths and exhibits, you need to make sure your company stands out from the competition.

The best way to do that is by paying close attention to your tradeshow booth design.

If you’ve never attended a tradeshow or haven’t built a booth before, you might not know where to start. Though there are a lot of things to consider when creating your exhibit, it’s easier than you might think. Here are a few proven and simple tips to help you create an eye-catching design that will draw attention to your brand.

Keep Your Branding Visible and Consistent

The most important thing you can do when figuring out how to attract people to your tradeshow booth is to make your brand visible from a distance. This means building a booth display that features your business’s name and logo clearly.

You’ll want these to be large enough that attendees can easily find your booth even when it’s surrounded by others.

Try to use the same logo and font that you use on all of your marketing and promotional materials. You want your brand to be consistent and recognizable to attendees after the event wraps up. If you use different styles or fonts, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to create clear brand recognition that will last for months.

Have Interactive Elements in Place to Draw Attention

The best tradeshow booth designs allow attendees to feel that they’re actively engaging with your brand, not just reading about it. Incorporate interactive elements to help attendees feel more involved.

When they participate with your interactive elements, they’ll be more likely to remember your brand in the future. Even better, other attendees will notice people spending more time at your booth and will want to stop by just to see what’s happening.

The more attention you can attract during the event, the better your reach will be. This can make all the difference if you’re trying to get your brand into different businesses and build a stronger network.

Reduce Visual Clutter

When it comes to booth design, you need to keep things classy and approachable. The best way to do that is by keeping the clutter at your booth to a minimum.

Remember, you want to attract positive attention, not try to drive people away. There’s a fine line between creating a visually appealing booth and one that’s a cluttered mess.

Put yourself in the attendees’ shoes when designing your booth. If you think there’s a chance the booth is too full of clutter, cut some of the elements until you’re comfortable with the way it looks.

Choose Colors Wisely

Your color scheme for your booth can influence the types of emotions you incite.

Cool colors like deep blues, greens, and purples create the idea that your booth and business is incredibly professional. Shades of white make your business look modern and sleek but can also make it seem sterile and boring. Bright or warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges make your brand seem exciting and approachable.

Think about the image you want to project before you complete the design mockup. If you want to exude professionalism, choose accents for your booth that feature cooler colors. If you want to look fun and hip, use brighter, warmer colors.

Keep in mind that your brand’s signature colors and your logo should stay the same even if the colors aren’t the ones you choose for your booth design. If you change things up, it can hurt your ability to build brand recognition over time. Remember, it’s all about consistency.

You want people to look at your logo or company name and immediately know that they represent your brand.

Always Double-Check Image Resolutions

It’s a great idea to include relevant images as part of your booth design. However, before you can start looking at different images, you need to make sure you know what resolution you need in place.

The resolution impacts the clarity of the image once it’s printed for your booth. If the resolution is too low, the picture will be blurry if you enlarge it on a banner or sign.

According to, always check the suggested image resolution with your banner or sign maker. They’ll be able to tell you which ranges will work best for the size banner that you’re investing in.

Choose Your Words Carefully

People aren’t at your booth to read brochures. They’re there to learn more about your company and find out if your brand is the right choice for their needs.

They don’t want to spend hours reading over promotional materials. They want to understand what your company is, why your products are great, and why they should choose your company at a glance. This means you need to keep your text and descriptions simple and concise.

Take a look at the pamphlets and brochures you plan on handing out to attendees. Are they overly detailed? Is the information you’re incorporating into your booth design too word-heavy? If it is, scale things back.

Keep your messaging short and sweet. If attendees want to read more about your product details, they can do so online.

Creating the Best Tradeshow Booth Design Is Possible

If you’re getting ready for a tradeshow in the next year or two, the sooner you can start working on your tradeshow booth design, the better off you’ll be. Keep these simple tips for designing a tradeshow booth in mind and you’ll be on the right track.

Just remember to keep your brand at the forefront of everything you do. The more consistent you can keep your brand’s image, the more impactful the booth will be.

Booth design is one of the most important components of getting ready for a successful tradeshow, but it’s not the only one. Check out our latest posts for more insightful tips to help you prepare for the show ahead of time.

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