How To Combat These 4 Common Problems When Claiming PPI


    When looking to claim PPI there are plenty of common problems that can be faced. However, with a few simple changes, you can claim your PPI quickly and easily without the need for any additional costs, making the process as stress-free as possible. Here, we are going to look at these common problems and see how you can combat them over time.

    Lack Of Paperwork

    If you are looking to claim PPI but have a lack of paperwork, then it is still possible to claim back PPI. If you have very limited documentation, then you are still able to make a PPI claim whether you do this yourself or using a PPI Claim company. If you contact the lender directly you are likely to receive a verdict on whether you have been wrongfully mis-sold PPI or not as they have records available. The same is to be said for a PPI claims company as they will contact the lender on your behalf.

    The Financial Ombudsman Service

    If you have decided to contact the lender directly and are not receiving any answer or assistance to claim back the money that you are rightfully owed, you can make a claim with the FOS. This company will step in and ensure that you are 100% happy with the result whether this is through lack of reply from the lender or even if you are not happy with the company’s response. If you have been told that you are not owed PPI but believe you have, they will also dispute the claim and ensure that you are being paid back the money that you are owed as quickly as possible.

    Claims Companies

    The way to combat the stress of making your claim is through using a PPI claim company. It is easy to apply as an application form can be completed online. This will give the claim company the information that they need to begin claiming on your behalf. This is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle as the stress is taken away for you. You will also receive constant communication between you and the company to help relieve the stress.

    Stress-Free Claims

    In addition to reducing the stress through constant communication, there is also the benefit of having all the paperwork filled out for you as this can be complex if you don’t know what you are doing. This also has the potential to save you money as this style of company operates on a no win no fee bases with only a small percentage taken should you be successful. This is ideal for those that want to increase their chances at a successful claim as a limited amount of revenue will be taken to cover the costs of the work completed on your case.

    Regardless of how you are looking to reclaim your PPI these common problems can be easily combatted in no time at all. Where will you begin with your claim?