So, you have decided to enclose your backyard but are confused which type of fence will suit the best to your needs. Do not worry; it is quite obvious for a layman to get confused among the various options available for fencing.  

Wooden fencing costs you somewhere around £2000 to £7000 and it last up to 20 years. So, it is quite necessary to get the fencing done right in the first time.

To help you make a right decision today, we will look at some very useful tips for choosing the right Wooden Fence Post.

Here are the 5 useful tips to choose the right Wooden Fence Post:

Find the Purpose

The first thing you need to ask yourself is – ‘Why you need a fence?’ Let the answer to this question guide you. Whether you need fencing for increasing privacy or you want to keep kids and pets safe and withing the boundaries? Or you just consider fencing as a way to enhance the value of the property?

First, figure out what is your need because this will help you to choose right size, shape and material of the wooden fence post.    

Permission from Home Owner’s Association (HOA)  

Before you order the wooden fence post and hire a contractor, check with your HOA. Do they allow you to build a fence? If yes, make sure wooden fencing you are using meets the standard for material, shape, and height.

Check your Budget  

Wooden fencing is quite costly and requires maintenance after every couple of years. Also, the wide variety of wood material and fence post designs are available in the market. So, choose the design as per your budget and do not forget to consider the fence maintenance cost before making your decision.

Wooden Fence


No doubt aesthetic wooden fencing will add great value to the property. If aesthetics is more important than the budget for you, choose from the various types of Wooden Fence Post designs such as picket, vertical board, louver, rails, and slats.

Type of wood

This depends entirely up to you. Almost all of the wooden fence posts will serve the main objective. However, features and qualities vary with the type of wood. For better quality, rot and insect resistant capabilities, and for sap-free wood, choose Redwood, Cypress, or Red cedar. However, Wooden Fence Post made of yellow pine or Douglas fir need to be treated for rot and insect resistance before use.

These are the five tips which you need to keep in mind to make a right decision.

So, whether you want to make your backyard into a secluded haven or want to add curb appeal to the house, wooden fencing help you with everything.              

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