How to build an in-house link building team


    Everyone knows that link building is the hardest part of SEO, from building a strategy to aligning the resources you’ll need to successfully execute that strategy. And yet, when BuzzSumo and Moz teamed up to examine the link building practices associated with 1 million articles, they found that most had neither any links pointing to them nor any shares. In fact, 75% of the articles randomly selected as part of the study had no external links.

    Getting traffic and attention through the ‘usual’ means of social media is simply not enough. You need a solid link-earning strategy in order to win. And when you need a big group of links earned regularly, the challenges are significantly higher.

    In this whitepaper, North Star Inbound pulls back the curtain and offers a glimpse into the different roles that are essential to a successful link building process, how to position and scale them, as well as the traits to look for in new hires. Read on to learn more about how to structure your team, starting with summaries of each of the different roles.


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