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How To Avoid OSHA Violations For Your Company


Private businesses report over 2.8 million workplace injuries and illnesses each year—a staggering amount.

Workplace accidents put the health of your staff at risk, but it also puts your company at risk of OSHA violations.

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They oversee workplace safety and can issue huge fines if your company isn’t being careful.

To learn more about how to prevent an OSHA violation, keep reading.

Hold Regular Staff Training Days

If you’re wondering how to prevent OSHA violations, it starts with education.

Your company should organize regular training days and toolbox talks, like those from Light Duty Pathway. This will help your staff feel empowered to know what to do in an accident.

You can also organize safety drills, simulating an accident. This helps staff learn how to react quickly and help one another in case of injury or accident.

It’s also good to encourage staff to ask questions, so that everyone is clear on what needs to be done.

Develop Company Safety Plans

Every company needs a comprehensive safety and prevention plan. It’s a risk management guide outlining all of the potential workplace risks, along with the likelihood of them occurring.

Each outlined risk should also state what can be done to mitigate the risk. This helps make sure your company is prepared and has done everything possible to reduce the chance of risk.

Provide Proper Safety Equipment

If your company doesn’t have proper and functioning safety equipment, then you’re at risk for several types of OSHA violations.

To prevent them, always maintain all of your safety gear, such as ladders, scaffolding, and PPE equipment. You’ll want to inspect the equipment regularly and replace anything old or damaged.

If your company works with chemicals, you’ll also need proper showers and eye washes in case of an accident.

Use a record log to note the date and time of each check, then schedule checks for the rest of the year so you don’t forget.

Encourage Employees to Speak Up

Your employees are your first and best line of defense against workplace accidents. Try to create a company culture where staff feel comfortable speaking up and saying something if they are concerned about company safety.

Staff see everything in the workplace, day in and out, so if they notice anything wrong, your company can fix it quickly before you’re at risk of an OSHA violation.

Avoid OSHA Violations at Work

No company wants to risk expensive OSHA violations, so use the tips above to keep your company safe and avoid fines.

By working hard to avoid workplace accidents and injury, your staff will stay safe and healthy, allowing your company to get the job done with no problems. Plus, avoiding workplace injury helps your company maintain a stellar reputation, which is sure to bring in more income.

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