How Stage Lighting Can Enhance your Live Show

When planning a live show, lighting is a key element that many forget about. With quality lighting, you can enhance your show no matter the type, be it a traditional musician, a DJ, or a corporate event. Lighting can add cool effects as well as provide an intimate setting for the audience. By learning more about stage lighting in Orlando and your options, you can create a setting for your next event that is a show-stopper.

Types of Lighting to Consider

Lighting is not all about illumination. When considering lighting for an event, you need to consider certain types, such as backlighting and effect lighting. These elements work well with several types of events, including musical acts and speaking engagements such as with conferences.

With backlighting, the speaker or performer will appear three-dimensional to the audience. Backlighting is placed upstate and will shine in the area where the performance will take place. This type of lighting can provide a halo effect, accentuating the performers or speakers. You can use traditional lighting or opt for colors for a more visually appealing aspect.

With effect lighting, you also have an element of color you can add to the stage. With effect lighting, you can enhance the experience of the audience. Lighting effects can be coordinated with the show, such as during certain songs of a performer or when certain speakers appear on the stage. Speaking with an audiovisual tech that specializes in stage lighting in Orlando will ensure you choose the right elements for your next event.

Positions of Lighting Elements

Along with the type of lighting you need, the position of the lighting must also be considered. From front and side lighting to down and high side lighting, there are options to enhance the overall look of your next live event. By enhancing the stage, you bring the eyes of the audience upwards and keep the attention of those in the crowd.

With front lighting, you have an option that provides the primary source of light for the show. This type of lighting will reduce the number of shadows on stage. With side lighting, you have an element that will enhance the look of the performer. This type of lighting is most useful when the performer is moving around the stage.

If you want to highlight the upper body of speakers during your event, then high side lighting should be used. The shoulders, head, arms, and mid-section are all highlighted. With down-lighting, you can create a clear vision for the stage. Combined with backlighting, the performer is highlighted perfectly to ensure a visually appealing performance.

When it comes to living event lighting, there is much to consider. If you are not knowledgeable about lighting, consulting an expert is essential. Speaking with someone who specializes in lighting can help you rent the right equipment for your next big event. As you learn more about lighting techniques, you will then be able to plan out additional events with ease.

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