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How Often Should Your AC Be Serviced


In the modern era, many folks find themselves residing in homes or apartments that feature an air conditioning unit. Air conditioning pulls cool air in from the exterior of a residence and conditions it to a cooler temperature before blowing the cool air into the vents of the home. Many folks who live in warm areas such as the southern United States find that an AC unit is an imperative part of their home. Indeed, many modern folks wonder how it was that people lived indoors before things like air conditioning existed. However, the prevalence of AC units has led many to wonder how often should your AC be serviced?

The answer to the question how often should your AC be serviced can be complicated. For example, someone who buys a home sight unseen or without an inspections might want to have the AC serviced immediately to check for any unknown problems. It’s important to have the AC serviced regularly to avoid problems. The average homeowner must be aware of the importance of having their AC serviced by a local HVAC technician.

Many folks have their AC serviced annually to replace filters and inspect for damage or other problems. The AC unit is an essential function of the modern home and should not be neglected. The air quality inside the home can depend highly on the age of the filters installed within the AC unit. Therefore, anyone who experiences malodorous smells or constant coughing inside the home but nowhere else should have their AC unit serviced immediately.  

It is quite common for the homeowner, renter, or other AC unit owner to ask themselves how often your AC should be serviced because of the presumed importance of maintaining a clean unit and also inspecting for any potential or existing damage. Many homeowners find that scheduling service on their AC unit is best done in spring or summer time because of the prevalence of outdoor AC units that require a service worker to work outside in the elements. It is much kinder to schedule this kind of work during warmer months.  

The question how often should your AC be serviced is one that a homeowner should never have to ask themselves. Rather, by thinking of your AC unit as an essential function of your home and maintaining it as such, hopefully surprise problems won’t arouse. With proper maintenance, any AC unit should perform its essential duty for the longest possible time.  

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