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How long can a person live with a liver transplant?

Liver is one of the main organs in the human body. Without liver a person can live only for one or two days with the help of some medical equipment and if not will die. More than one million cases are coming to hospitals every year. The different diseases caused in will lead to liver transplantation. Now a day’s liver transplantation is common. Many diseases can cause damage or destroy the liver and can lead to liver transplantation.Liver is the largest organ in our human body. We can transplant the liver of a person who has passed away and can get a part of a living person’s liver. The liver is the only organ in the human body that can regenerate and if we operate a part of it, the liver can grow can be back in form. The time period a liver will take to grow to come back in function will be a matter of weeks. The main diseases that can lead to liver transplantation will be

  • Alcoholic
  • Liver failure
  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis
  • Hepatic tumors Metabolic and genetic disorder

Liver is the only organ which will perform over 500 function inside the body.Not only the function it will also produce 1000 enzymes and other protein which is needed for human health.

How painful is a liver transplant?

Liver transplantation is the only method to get cure. No other instrument or machine can help us to survive. The liver transplant cost in India will be USD 38000 to USD 44000 in India. In this coat it involves the whole procedure until the person is discharged.

Why liver transplantation is necessary for a person having liver problem

A person cannot live without liver. It is the main organ in the human body. A person needs liver transplantation when his or her liver fails or is caused by any other virus or infection. Liver transplantation is the only method to cure. No machine will be able to cure the liver if it is damaged or fails. Liver can be transplanted from a person who has passed away or can get a half from a healthy person’s liver. If we transplant a healthy liver from donor liver will grow to its original shape and will start its function with in weeks.

The person who can transplant liver are

  • Brain dead person
  • Cardiac death person
  • Living donors
  • How the liver transplantation is been done

The liver transplantation will be done only when the liver fails or is caused by any other damage. The Donor who is ready for transplantation,the doctor has to prepare the donor liver. Then he has to remove the damaged liver from the infected person and place the new liver in it.The liver has many roles inside a human body. While placing the liver the doctor has to make sure that the liver receives the blood flow and will produce bile from the liver. The liver transplantation result is well and good. The symptoms which will be shown for a liver damaged person are

  • Varices
  • Ascites
  • Gynecomastia
  • Muscle wasting
  • Coagulopathy
  • Renal insufficiency

Liver transplantation will be only done at the end stage of the liver functioning and fully liver failure cases. There are many complications in liver transplantation and the main advantage is that many of the cases can be treated. Our medical world is developing day by day and the facilities and treatment methods are also increasing day by day. The survival after liver transplantation will depend on the particular situation and can live for almost or more than five year. The liver can be transplanted to half to the patient from the donor and the donor will get his function of liver with in weeks because the liver is the only organ that will regenerate itself. The Donor should be at an age between 18 to 60 and should be healthy.

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