Microsoft Outlook 365 is a web-based suite of web mail, tasks, contacts, and calendaring services highly used by professionals. Another reason for Outlook being highly used is, it has a significant email filtering system. You can create and edit filters as per you need, and these filters help you to sort out specific mail whenever you need.

If you have created filter to organize your mails but they are not working as per the rules you set, you can edit the filters to fix the problem. To know how to fix the error, here the two different approach by which you can solve the issue.


Steps to fix a dysfunctional filter

  1. Go to and login to your account
  2. Select outlook and go to settings/ files (depending on Microsoft Outlook versions)
  3. Select Manage Rules & Alerts and follow the next step
  4. If you see a message informing you that you have a broken rule that needs to be customized, click OK
  5. A red box will appear opposite to the Rule, make check
  6. Hit the link below the rule description and modify the filter according to your need and click OK to save the changes

Steps to change the settings of a rule:

These setting changes will help you edit the name, location or actions of the filter.

  1. Go to officecom/setup and login to your Outlook account
  2. From settings, flick File
  3. Select Manage Rules & Alerts
  4. Mark check on the box opposite to the filter that you want to customize
  5. Click Change Rule
  6. Click the type of modification you want to make, and then complete the prompts

You have successfully made the changes. To make sure if the change are working the way you want, try to perform an action and determine the result. If you fail to obtain the desired results, go to the official Microsoft Office page and login your Outlook 365 account to browse solution from the support section.