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How Do Payroll & HR Work Together? [Explained]


Did you know that the job outlook for Human Resources Managers is at 6%, which is faster than average?

Without the payroll department, the HR department cannot succeed. There are many ways the two departments overlap in an organization.

Read on to learn about how payroll & HR work together.

Payroll Services

Payroll services include the process of employees getting their salary. The process involves reconciling and balancing payroll data, then depositing and reporting taxes.

Other services provided by payroll online include record keeping, wage deductions, and verifying how reliable pay data is. The department handles delivering checks, recording paperwork, maintaining compliance with tax laws, and editing employee files that already exist. If a business offers bonuses, reimbursements, overtime, and holiday pay, the payroll department handles that too.

HR Services

The main role of HR services is to create the best team of employees. They will hire new employees by spotting the right people for certain positions. After a hire, HR workers must be sure they chose the right individual for the job.

HR aims to motivate its employees. Some do this by offering compensation packages that include bonuses throughout the year. Certain businesses will opt for midyear or holiday bonuses.

The HR department is also held responsible for developing training programs. This will teach new hires and even already employed individuals what they need to know. These professionals understand that training should get done more than once.

Whatever the goal of the business is, HR tries to teach its employees about it. This ensures that everyone is going in the same direction when it comes to the organization.

Payroll & HR Together

You may discover some payroll & HR solutions that make the whole process easier. By understanding their individual roles, you can see how each department overlaps.

HR issues can easily stem from a payroll activity. When these issues occur, payroll & HR coordinate and share functions.

HR and payroll departments come together for common everyday things such as recruitment opportunities, increases in salary, bonuses, benefit deductions, vacation time, and terminating employees. If paychecks aren’t delivered on time because of the payroll portal, HR will face issues. To overcome this problem and others, the two departments must come together and ensure payroll portals are back on track.

Another huge role that both departments play in the business is keeping personal information safe. Both payroll & HR have access to confidential employee information, such as social security numbers, home addresses, and financial information. Both roles need to ensure the information does not get out of their hands and into the hands of another company or unauthorized people.

Working Together Is Key

Both payroll & HR play vital roles in a business. For one department to succeed, the other needs to do the same. Working together on a variety of issues while doing their individual jobs the right way is the key to the success of a company.

Keep coming back for more articles about business and the roles each department plays.

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