ELearning has become vogue in many parts of the world and the reason behind its fame is mostly because people find it as a convenient option to pursue an education without having to take a break from their jobs.

Also, there are many individuals all around the globe who do not have easy access to educational institutions and have to relocate in order to attend college. However, with the introduction of eLearning, a huge burden has been taken off the shoulders of such people who can now easily avail to informative courses on the internet without traveling long distances or changing their city or country.

The Importance of Online Exams

Online exams are an essential part of eLearning and these days, there is an online exam for every second assessment. From entrance examinations of colleges to tests for building skills of employees to practice test series, everything is going online nowadays.

And, there is a widespread anticipation that as time passes by and technology becomes even more advanced, most of the evaluations will be executed online.

Issues with Remote Exams

Though taking a remote exam can prove to be cost effective for the students, as everything comes with its own set of problems, so does remote examinations.

Firstly, it is highly tough to invigilate such exams. It is a hectic task for the exam authority to look for genuine exam centers, moreover, students have to visit the center each time they have to appear for an assessment.

Further, it is troublesome to inspect the legitimacy of the test center and bear the cost of managing them. So, the best thing to be done to avoid such challenges is to use the latest technology for invigilating online exams so that a student can take them at any place of his or her convenience.

The relevance of an Online Proctored Exam

Online proctored exams are gaining prevalence at a high-speed as they are making online examination process more authentic and secure. Earlier, people felt apprehensive about taking online exams as most employers had concerns about the genuineness of these type of evaluation procedures. However, since online proctoring has come into the picture, individuals have begun to see online exams in a new light.

For those who do not understand the concept of online proctoring exams, I must tell you that it is a form of assessment where the exam is taken under the supervision of an approved and neutral invigilator who is referred to as a proctor who keeps an eye over the test taker through a webcam.

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Before the test begins, the proctor verifies the identity of the test taker by having a look at his or her id card. Apart from this, the test environment is also checked thoroughly with the help of a webcam in order to avoid any turbulence during the test.

For a person to become a proctor, he is required to have a clean track record along with a respectful status in the society. Its only after verifying the credibility of a person, the exam authority lets him proctor an online exam.

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