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How Ams Works and Why to Have a One in Your Company


Look around your company, what you see? What do you consider the things that bind productivity with your brand name? If you are having in your mind the assets other than the employees of your company than you are wrong this time. The human resource serves a greater purpose to the company which is far beyond the company can imagine. Without the employees, the organization cant serves its clients and therefore required to be maintained with great efficiency. These assets are the most volatile among everyone and it also requires great skill in managing them. Previously the organization was appointing dedicated human resource management department which was having the roles and responsibility to maintain the employee’s productive presence in the office and thereby on the basis of the same remunerate them. To track the employee’s productive desk hours the HR’s were bound to use the manually driven conventional way of attendance management which was by use of record-keeping on the registers. 

The system efficiency was considerably low and with the evolvement, as the time passed the HR were using spreadsheets, this was a little more convenient but still insecure to prevent frauds which lead the company to experience time theft and ending up in paying the resources who are practicing unethically in the company. The whole motive was to implement such a system which was more inclined towards automation and transparency through which the employee, as well as the company, can observe a clean a clear attendance management procedure. With the introduction software revolution the presence tracking process was primarily automated and this stand-alone system was known to be attendance management software. With the development in the technological sector, the system got its robust pillar in the form of cloud technology, AI automation, mobile technology, and GPS technology. These four pillars were the base for the standing of the modern attendance management software and provided greatly extensible towards beginning secure. No other system is proved to be as secure as the attendance management software which will be handling all your business location which can be widely dispersed around the globe. A couple of the following reason is the driving factor which will be enough for you to switch towards attendance automation.

Cloud-based Secure Record Keeping:

Mostly a company experience frauds from the employee side in the form of attendance data tempering and proxy punching which was also known as buddy punching, it was more prevalent in a manual system. The implementation of the attendance management software is the thing which will change the way you see managing the attendance and its preventive measures. The secured interface which will be encrypted from end to end is responsible for maintaining data integrity with the company and its employees. The cloud-based processing revolutionized the way we were serving the data, now the organization can easily scale their processing and storing power as per their requirement. Data which is gathered by these systems from the bio-metric devices are eradicating any possibilities which will skew the originality of the information.

AI Processing:

The artificial intelligence is a technology which behaves much like a human resource managerial personnel while taking decisions like management of the employee’s attendance. Revolutionary technology like this has eradicated the requirement of an actual human resource personnel’s involvement in the procedure, which made it full proof against all the odds which might be caused tampering in the data and incurring a loss-making statement to the company. All the data will be automatically managed and the employee will be easily able to see their punches and timing. If there is any misunderstanding or failure of device the employees can make attendance application from their portal which will be addressed by the AI within no time. The HR till then can have their own adequate amount of time and effort which can be invested in the more productive task like collaborating along with the higher-level management to strategy making for the company’s future and possibly avoid all the risk factors which might hinder the employees and organizational productivity. online attendance management system is the key towards making all the employees available in the office premises and contributing their way towards effective delivering of the finished products and services.

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