The office of the future will no longer have assigned desks but rather shared workspaces.

It’s already happening in many companies around the world and the results have been impressive. This concept of hot desks is becoming more popular among Generation X and Millennials who prefer flexibility.

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Keep reading below to learn how a desk reservation system can help your company be more productive.

Desk Reservation: Never Waste Space Again

With hot desks, employees have flexibility in where they choose to work. The company also provides additional spaces for phone calls, client meetings, or conferences.

Offices that have incorporated hot desks for “active working,” along with the right technology, have actually boosted productivity. One issue with this model is having too many empty workspaces or not enough for all staff.

New apps are making it possible for employees to reserve where they want to work for the day. Through a desk reservation system, management can stop wasting expensive office space. In some cases, this could cut costs by 30%.

This model is perfect for offices with workers on the go or staff who spend time working from home. It also promotes a positive, collaborative culture.

Schedule Collaborative Workspace Time

People who’ve worked for a larger company probably know the struggle of trying to book the conference room. There are days when you need to host an important meeting but others in your office have had it booked for weeks.

This process is further complicated if it’s one person keeping the master schedule. In the worst-case scenario, reservations could be missed or rooms are double booked.

Does this sound like your company? The best thing for you to do is to adopt reservation software like This cloud service can be used for both hot-desking and booking conference rooms for important meetings.

Desk pucks are placed under every office workspace desk and monitored through a digital map. Shared workspace can be booked for minutes, days, or weeks. It’s highly customizable and canceling a room is even easier.

Stay on Top of Social Distancing

We can’t talk about office spaces and do not acknowledge the effects of COVID-19.

Many employees are worried about shared spaces where other employees have used computers or phones. But, here’s the silver lining.

Don’t forget the hot desk model is designed to encourage flexibility. Most people will work from home. If staff want to work in the office but are concerned about COVID-19, desk reservation systems can ensure everyone is following social distancing protocols.

These apps can also assist with contact tracing if an employee does get sick. They’ll protect the office.

Time to Change Your Workspace

There are more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to having your office be collaborative. Your staff will be happier, more creative, and at the end of the day more productive with a desk reservation system.

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