Home Remedies of Ayurveda to Get Rid of Cough?

Home Remedies of Ayurveda to Get Rid of Cough?

The moment we have issues with a sore throat or encounter itching we explore home remedies to get rid of a cough. The best cough syrup with Tulsi has been popular but there are some other popular home remedies of late. As per Ayurveda the body is trying to clean up the natural passage. The reason being the cause of coughs is Pitta in your bronchial tube. The best way to get rid of this issue is to remove the unwanted pitta. To treat the cough in an effective manner you would need to dry out the productive or dry cough first and foremost. Dry cough can occur due to inflammation or irritation of the throat. Now apart from the Ayurvedic honey cough syrup opt for the below home remedies at your home.

Turmeric milk

To clear your throat you can drink about a glass of milk on a daily basis. In addition another popular home remedy is to add ginger to the above blend. This drink is an ideal combination as it helps to clear the irritation of the throat. Even garlic can be added instead of ginger and all of them work well. During the course of the day you can gargle with turmeric powder a couple of times to get rid of an itchy throat. Do drink at night before you are going to sleep to reduce irritation. The hot milk ensures that the mucus makes way from your chest.

Giloy juice

Opt for a couple of teaspoons of Gilroy juice with water every day in the morning till things become better. It peps up your immunity levels and restores a balance in the functioning of the three doshas. Being an anti-allergen you can deal with allergic reactions like cold or cough.

Black pepper

If you are having productive cough then black pepper ceases to be the best home remedy. Mix around ½ spoon of black pepper with desi ghee and on a full stomach you can consume.

Because of the heating quality in this ingredient it helps to clean up congestion. For best results opt for this concentration a couple of times during the day time.

Pomegranate juice

For kids the juice of pomegranate works wonders. Just give them a glass of juice with a tinge of pipalli powder and ginger. The former is an Ayurvedic product or Ayurvedic herb and the juice of pomegranate because of the impact of ginger works its magic on the throat and clears congestion. Because it is a rich source of vitamin A along with C it boasts your immunity levels. Even black pepper can replace ginger.

Spiced tea

To get rid of bad cough spiced tea is an effective option. You can add a tinge of cinnamon and clove leaves. The best part about these spices is that it helps you heel from within. Even the problem of a runny nose is eradicated by consumption of spiced tea.

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