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Here’s how professionally designed logos help you attract more customers

Are you a young entrepreneur who is planning to launch his or her idea in the market? Well, the first thing you might need to need to do is to give your business a catchy name and a logo. A well-designed logo is often one of the most overlooked aspects of new business, and most owners think that they need to start with advertising strategies, promotions, hiring staff and other details. Contrary to popular thinking, a professional logo stands out and can positively influence your customers.

That is why it is essential that you put a lot of thought and effort into creating a business logo which represents your company and your mission. A logo is much more than just your company’s name and basic aesthetic appeal. It makes a lasting impression on prospective customers every time they come across it.

According to a study, the shape, size, color, font, and design of your logo can impact the buying decision of a potential customer. For example, a round shaped logo might evoke feelings related to ‘softness’ and include perceptions that the company is warm, sensitive and caring towards the customer needs.

So, apart from marketing strategies, price promotion, good customer support, and other technical requirements; businesses should strive to promote effective associations with their brand through professional logo design.

Here are some ways in which you can maintain a competitive edge above your competitors and attract more customers by creating a relevant logo:


1- Creates a good first impression

Did you know, research proves that customers take no more than one-third of a second to for a customer to form a first impression about a business? Now that is some serious pressure! The first thing which a customer sees on your website or storefront is your company’s name and logo. Look at it in the case of a book – a Book cover designer has to work very hard to make sure that the cover is enticing for any potential customers to pick up and read or buy, because once that first impression has passed, there’s not much chance a customer will come back. So, most of the time a professional design or logo is enough to hook to a potential customer


A graphic designer will make sure that they capture the key message of your business and convert it into a visual icon to attract people’s attention. With the help of a catchy logo, you can make the right first impression in today’s competitive world.


2- Tells your brand story

Think about iconic logos like the Nike tick and Mcdonald’s M. They are household names and can be recognized from afar. A good logo becomes a visual representation of your brand and tells your brand’s story. Read this blog post to learn more about how good design can narrate a story.


If you’re thinking about saving some money and doing a DIY logo yourself, then skip the thought. There is nothing more important than investing in a professionally designed logo in the very beginning. For example, you own an online leather jacket store and want to design a logo for it. Even after countless attempts yourself, you won’t be able to represent the texture of leather or the fact that it is a clothing business. So, instead of experimenting yourself, hire a professional!


3- Helps build a professional image

A professionally trained designer or a creative agency who excel in converting concepts in visuals are the best people for the job. Once you hire a professional, you’ll be satisfied that the final outcome will look sleek and professional.

A clean and well-designed logo portrays a professional image of your company. So, invest once in good logo design and use it anywhere and everywhere in your marketing materials.


4- Can be used across a variety of media

As your business grows and you plan to increase your market reach, you will start exploring different forms of media. This includes everything from printed material to online presence, exhibitions, corporate giveaways, and other platforms.


Hiring a professional logo designer means that you don’t need to tweak your logo design for every platform. Most agencies or designers create a responsive logo design that goes well with all sorts of media. This is one of the biggest advantages of having the job done through a professional! You will have one iconic logo design that is ready to be used across many different media.


5- Provides a return on investment

You may be a little skeptical about hiring a professional logo designer at the very beginning, and it may seem like an unnecessary expense. But trust our word on this- it is a worthwhile and long-term investment which will surely bring back returns.


A well-designed logo enhances your brand credibility. As your brand reputation increases, customers will start trusting your brand and the products and services which you offer. Brand loyalty is something which cannot be achieved without investing in your business. And by creating a professional brand identity, you are encouraging customers to trust you.


Once you convince customers to trust you, success will start rolling in. Happy customers are more likely to refer your brand to friends and family.


If a well-designed logo can help you achieve brand loyalty and customer trust and security, then it isn’t a bad deal at all, is it?


We hope this article has helped you in identifying why a professionally designed logo is extremely important for your business and how it can attract more customers through a simple visual. So, are you ready to start branding your business with the best creative team? Let us know if you need any ideas or suggestions in the comments below:

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