Winter Sun? Yes, but Only With Your Sunglasses on! Here Are the Best Styles for 2021

You’re used to grabbing your sunglasses on the way out the door on your way to the beach, but what about sunglasses for the winter months?

The sun may sit lower in the sky during the winter but the UV light is just as powerful – which is why it’s important to pack your sunglasses regardless of the season.

Looking to shop for a pair of winter sunglasses? Take a look at our list of the best styles for winter sunglasses.

1. Sunglasses for the Slopes

A new trend in ski-inspired sunglasses makes winter eyewear fashionable and functional. Moncler, Bottega Veneta, and BERLUTTI all have winter sunglass options that would remind you of goggles on a ski slope – only lighter weight and better looking.

You can choose from bright colors or more muted versions depending on your personal style. You can enjoy the sun while protecting your eyes and looking good doing it!

2. Sporty and Stylish

Who says you have to change glasses between your morning tennis game and lunch with friends? This year is all about athleisure wear and that now includes sunglasses.

The sporty, comfortable look has penetrated the sunglass world in the form of sleek frames and lightweight materials. You can find these styles from top designers or you can buy wholesale sunglasses to get high quality at an affordable price.

3. Round Frames

The retro round frames are making a big comeback in 2021. The round frame is great for most face shapes and will forever be a classic look.

Check out bold, bright round frames or a simple tortoiseshell version this winter, and see what you think! The best part about these shades is that they go seamlessly from season to season, so if you love wearing them this winter, why not wear them this summer?

4. Go Big or Go Home

Sometimes, bigger really is better – or at least more stylish. This year’s winter sun is no match for the extra-large lenses of the 70’s inspired sunglasses.

Be bold and check out what this year’s top designers have created in the XXL department.

5. Cat Eyes, Anyone?

You’ve seen the trend in cat-eye makeup, but what about for sunglasses. The cat eye shape is flattering and fun for all your sunny winter fun.

Theses glassses feature a unique round frame with a narrowing effect on the side. Don’t be surprised when you see Hollywood’s top celebrities rocking the cat eye sunglasses this year.

Bottega Veneta and Le Specs lead the trend with new cat eye sunglasses to chose from in 2021.

Best Styles for Winter Sunglasses

Embrace the winter sun with the best styles of sunglasses this year. Find the right fit for your face shape and style and you’re ready to go!

Remember that buying wholesale is a great way to save money on your favorite designers and styles.

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