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Here are 6 Ideas to promote your car buying business online


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The automotive industry is one of the most flourishing businesses.Statisticsublished online state that the leading company, Toyota, earned over $265 billion US dollars with Volkswagen closely following at $260billion US dollars. The close competition in the leading brands leaves a bright possibility of growth for the small business establishments; if they apply the right strategies on the online automotive market.

When the entire world reaps benefits of the digital era, why should car buying businesses stay behind? Here are six ideas to help car buyers promote their business online. These ideas are practical and extracted from the experts in the industry. So, don’t forget to note down the ideas as you read ahead!


There is hardly any discussion on online marketing without the talk of SEO. As a business; you must have read about search engine optimization and the tons of articles published on the topic everyday. It is,without doubt, the best investment any e-commerce business can make. Hiring an expert to write, build and tweak your website for ultimate optimization will bring customers flocking at your gates.

The implementation of quality SEO can lead to a surge in the online traffic, boost engagement on the content and eventually double your sales. Because consumers today depend a lot more on Google and take its word seriously, it is ideal for your car buying a business to make it to Google’s top three choices. Depending on your geographic orientation, you can bring in a local SEO expert to help you boost the site in your region.

As a business that buys cars in London, you should show up as the top choices of car buyers in London despite the plethora of options available. Using SEO to leverage the market in your favor is a surefire way of succeeding online. Look for SEO professionals near you now!


A vast majority of the global population with access to the internet spends atleast 10 minutes on their social media every day. Social media marketing is a relatively new niche,but it has taken over the masses by storm. Businesses need to spend an ample amount of time on social media profiles due to the sheer necessity it has become.

Staying in touch with followers and helping them with their queries through Instagram question stories on simple posts on a Facebook page is the simplest way of maintaining an online presence. ‘The more they see, the more they buy’ is a common adage used by marketers. The short 30 seconds videos, online quizzes,and photo challenges are a few more social media marketingstrategies that come in handy.

Arobust online presence translates to a more significant number of people viewing your digital properties and upping your chances of bagging the deal too. Go ahead and update your social media profiles right this moment! It’s never too late!


Since we have already established the importance of social media in the lives of the consumers, it is safe to say that the words of social media influencers are also a serious matter.Teaming up with the right social media celebrity will get you the results that you look forward to.

Collaboration with a crowd favorite lifestyle blogger/vlogger, or with the bloggers of the automotive industry can help spread the word about your car buying business. Ifa social media influencer with a reasonable amount of engagement on their platforms, tell the story of how they used their service is beneficial for your promotion.

A favorable review from them will influence their followers to look for your company the minute they need to sell a car. If you are one of the companies that buy any car, your chances of success increase when you offer a bonus or gift to customers coming from an influencer, things like promo codes or free evaluation are essential for car buying businesses online.


YouTubeis the second largest search engine in the world. It has step by step videos on making and fixing everything. From learning a new language to increase your productivity, YouTubehas the solution to every problem. Posting how-to videos about minor repairs, car management, tricks,and everyday hacks can help establish authority among your subscribers. The consistently you post, the better chances you have. Alternatively,if you are not sure of making videos on your own, partnering within an already established YouTuber is another genius tactic.


The user experience on your site plays a significant role in increasing or decreasing the traffic on your website. If your site is slow, dull and incompatible to a particulardevice, your car buying business could lose potential customers. The use of attractive color schemes and contemporary aesthetics on your site is a sure way of higher ROI.Your focus needs to be on customer loyalty established through productive user experience — one that not only appeals to the eye but is also practical to the user. If your site is the replica of other dealership than that is not something a user would appreciate.

Spend your time and energy to find solutions that maximize user experience because the customer is king. If they don’t like it, they won’t come back.


Market trends tend to change by the hour. This is even crucial for the online platforms due to the amount of car buying businesses found online — all the car services, whether sales, repair or buying, tend to use a similar tactic which does nothing more than confusing the viewer. Producing original and honest content that resonates with the needs of the customer is a trend that will never go out of fashion. Keeping this in mind, you can now proceed with your research on market trends for automotive businessesin 2019.

The key to online success is consistency. The more you post, the better word people receive about your business. Updated social media profiles, collaboration with relevant bloggers and YouTubers are a few more routes to multiply the traffic on your e-commerce website. Your car buying a business will flourish under the light of these tips.

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Audrey Throne is a mother of a 3-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about lifestyle, business, automotive, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics.

Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.

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