Has Scatolificio 2G transformed your business product packaging?

Great packaging of any business usually influences its marketing as it is the first point of interaction that any customer has with the products. Scatolificio is, therefore, such a company that can offer your business great packaging, thereby convincing them of the importance of your products. It creates packaging that visibly communicates the brand message of your business that is important in gaining more customers.

About Scatolificio company

Scatolificio 2G deals production packaging boxes for of high-quality. The boxes are covered with highly deluxe materials featuring great finishes and very high-quality visuals. The products are the result of continuous innovation over the years having a long history of over 40years’ experience in the jewelry packaging sector. Being known in all the marketing sectors that use boxes, the company is capable offering satisfying as well as the most challenging requests from any business. Its objective is the satisfaction of the customers at a fair cost with high-quality products.

What to expect from Scatolificio jewelry packaging ideas

The company has many jewelry packaging ideas that come along with many advantages, therefore, attracting many businesses to their products.

• The enterprise having majored in manufacturing on all types of boxes, it has diversified the product as far as factors such as styles, measurements and components parts are concerned. The boxes are therefore suitable for use in many contexts.

• The long history of the firm which has gained it a great ability and expertise in the jewellery packaging ideas sector. Over the years, since its founding in 1922, the company has grown larger coming up with new ways of cutting-edge high-quality products.

• Luxury packaging boxes manufacturers is also another advantage of the company. If your business is thinking of buying packaging boxes, then Scatolificio is the place to check out from. This is the most important choice if your business deals with luxurious products.

• Buying boxes at Scatolificio are very unique. This is such that you may not walk down the street and find any other business using the type of box that your firm is using.

• Lastly, the manufacturing of large cardboard boxes is also a benefit that Scatolificio offers its customers. The boxers are essential for many functions among them packing huge items and also moving heavy items for shipping.

The Strengths of Scatolificio

The company uses the cardboard as one of the materials to manufacture its products. However, it also uses many other materials so as to bring out its high-quality packaging products. In most cases, the boxes that it offers appears for advanced packaging, the capacity also meets all needs of the customer and of course the great cost in comparison to the great attention that it pays to the needs of its customers.

Some customers include:

• Luxottica,

• Bonollo ,

• Matis-Pariris,

• Hendesonshoes,

• Bretelleitaliane,

• Xacus among others


Scatolificio is a company that will offer high-quality products for your business. More so, its advantages and strengths are the kinds of products that you expect.

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