Guide to the Different Popular Home Security Systems


    Burglars are more likely to break into a property without a security system. This underpins the importance of home security systems they serve as a deterrent, and can be useful to the police in identifying intruders after a break-in.

    The market offers different types of home security systems. Choosing a suitable option for your property is a daunting task. This is why researching a few different home alarms before purchasing is so important – there are some fantastic home security systems on the market but it is crucial that you are able to distinguish between the different types.
    In this article, we outline the most popular systems and how they work to protect your premises.

    Wired Home Security Systems

    Wired systems are the most prevalent and pioneering type of home security systems. The system uses a low-voltage electricity circuit that connects all the exterior entry points such as doors and windows to the central burglar alarm.

    The alarm is usually activated when nobody is home or during the night. When the doors and windows are shut, the current flows through the circuit regularly. If somebody opens the doors or windows, it disrupts the circuit and the alarm goes off.

    Wired security systems are cheaper than other security setups, especially wireless models. They are also more noticeable, meaning that they are likely to deter would-be intruders. In addition, hardwired systems are harder to hack.

    On the downside, wired systems are vulnerable to vandalism. Most of them are conspicuous and can be easily damaged by criminals, especially in old homes. You can assess the condition of your home by acquiring a property depreciation report from qualified experts.

    Wireless Home Security Systems

    As the name suggests, these systems have no interconnecting wires. Instead, they rely on sensors linked by inbuilt radio frequency receptors. If an intruder attempts a break-in, the sensors transmit signals to control panel and the alarm goes off.

    Wireless security systems are easier to install and do not interfere with your home’s interior décor. Moreover, they are harder to vandalize than wired models.

    The main challenge for wireless system is their vulnerability to hacking. A burglar can easily intercept the signals and disable the entire system. They are also more expensive than wired systems. 

    Hybrid Home Security Systems

    These combine both wired and wireless security devices to form a comprehensive home security system. Although they are more effective, hybrid systems are justifiably more expensive than both wireless and wired systems.

    Modern hybrid systems have advanced functionalities that offer more convenience and control. One thing goes without saying; a strong internet connection like Spectrum internet ultra should be used for such home security systems. Because, a single disconnection could cause you your fortune. For instance, you can manage the entire system using your smartphone, even from remote locations. You can also get notifications every time an unwanted party attempts to gain unauthorized access into your premises.

    Unmonitored Home Security Systems

    Unmonitored security systems are essentially lone-rangers, in that you or a neighbor have to alert authorities in case of an emergency. This means that when the alarm goes off, you have to make a call to your security company to get assistance.

    The main advantage of unmonitored security systems is affordability. They are much cheaper than monitored security systems.

    The problem, however, is the increased level of risk that comes with unmonitored systems. Even if you get notifications about attempted break-ins to your phone, you might be unable to respond in time.

    Monitored Home Security Systems

    Monitored security systems give you peace of mind since you know that someone is always watching over your home. If the alarm goes off, the monitoring center will get an instant notification and dispatch a response team.

    Another exciting feature of monitored systems is that they send notifications when an intruder trespasses your property, as well as when the security company responds to the emergency. This way, you get assurance that your home is under the right protection.

    A typical monitored security system features a control panel, motion sensors, and uninterruptible power supplies, cellular backup and mobile solutions that enable you to link your smartphone to the system.

    The only concern with a monitored security system is their expensiveness. However, the extra protection they offer justifies the astronomical costs.


    The type of system you settle for has a significant impact on the overall security of your home. That said, it is worth noting that all systems have shortcomings that burglars can easily exploit.

    For this reason, it is advisable to complement the security systems with other measures such as occupying your home, sealing any vulnerable entry points, and purchasing aggressive dog breeds as Rottweiler and German Shepherd.