Google glass could have been a next big thing in educational technology

Every person out there surely knows what new technology is breaking headlines or what new invention will about to intake. If you are the tech freak like any other person, one might recall the biggest invention of Google. Remember the wearable technology innovation that vowed fans for latest trend that was a buzz for about 2 years.

But suddenly evaporate over the years. The reasons are endless why this big thing did not make to the people eyes. First of all, it was quite expensive to people invest on 1500$ product just to experience. Second of all, it has many risks involve specially while driving. This cause the wearable glasses to be banded by a Seattle bar. Thirdly, you don’t want anyone take pictures or video without consent. There was a case where women accuse a man to smiling and taking pictures of her with consent.

Though it was discontinued and the invention got into vain. However, we cannot deny the fact that it could have been useful in educational environment.

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What would have Google glass bring in the educational sector. 2

  1. Record lectures and mesmerise learning experience. 2
  2. Teachers are your homes. 2
  3. Do the on the go research in air. 2
  4. Face recognition tool for teachers. 3
  5. Practice and training going hand on hand. 3
  6. Create documentaries. 3
  7. Personalised classroom setting. 3

Google glass 2 VS Microsoft holoLens. 3

What would have Google glass bring in the educational sector

Google Glass life span was short though but it comprise of many advantage under educational environment. Many critics debate about the buzz it would create if it still exists to be successful enough. Though, education needs to be updated every now in then as technology innovation brings new opportunity and leaning tools to explore bigger picture.

Having said that, Google Glasses do have usage that can guide teachers and students experience a learning environment. The cutting edge technology could have been utilized if it wasn’t discontinued.

Let’s list down usefulness involve in these Glass technology that could have been wearable educational tools for learning.

1.    Record lectures and mesmerise learning experience

Students could have experience lectures while wearing Glasses, record important lectures and lessons that might help them in the future. Google Glasses showcase features that is helpful for students to gain information on other content that will be provided by the teacher in the next lecture. This way students would be aware of what is going on in the class and do not wander around not knowing what to do. Students in foreign country could have avail this opportunity to understand each lecture in their own language.

2.    Teachers are your homes

It could have useful not only for students but also for teacher to teach in any environment possible. For example if teachers have problem in travelling to school for any issue they can with Google take this opportunity to mimic the regular classroom experience. Teachers could have handover lecture beforehand and continue lectures from where it was stopped. This way the connection of teachers and students would not drop off due to long distance learning.

With this technology students would have avail problems or issues related to hnd assignments help online and ask questions through one on one session.

3.    Do the on the go research in air

With the availability of Google Glasses it could have made students understand textbook information through instant research. Student could search for words or books they want to read for further understandings. Sometime, you need internet or Google help for gaining insight of what teachers are delivering with the help of Glass apps you might save that information in a drop box or email setting.  Just open the web browser in the air and search for dissertation writing service for tips and tricks of writing a perfect project.

4.    Face recognition tool for teachers

It is very obvious for teachers to remember their own students. However, this could have been easier as Google Glasses help them identify each student’s names and identity. It is impossible for teacher to deliver lectures, prepare the accurately and see each one is attentive during the lesson. Most importantly, 30 to 40 students per classroom and remember each one of them is hectic but with the wearable technology in hands can make it simple for teacher.

5.    Practice and training going hand on hand

School take students to field trips or offer extra-curricular activities to experience other form of educational learning. For that purpose, Google Glasses would have been useful tech device to record videos, take photos and save the process of planting a tree, solving math problems.

The best of wearable Glasses would have been helpful for teachers to detect students during field trips with GPS tracker.

6.    Create documentaries

If Google Glass do fail this could have been in a perfect educational environment. With the help of Glasses teachers could create their own content for future lectures and display new thinks or ideas that are related to their subject area. For instance, documentary of how the tomato plant grew bigger with just a seed poured in the sand. The whole process can be captured through these wearable Glasses and presented to students to better understand the cycle of planting.

The tool can capture any idea or event into a documentary that help students understand the lectures better.

7.    Personalised classroom setting

Teachers could have assess problem solving techniques through Glasses and identify activities to overcome this issues. Making learning fun and interactive environment that set augmented reality based teaching through Gamification.

This could be also helpful for teachers to distinguish students’ performance and which students are lagging behind and pushing them forward with other classmates.

Google glass 2 VS Microsoft holoLens

While this Google Glass is nowhere to be found now however, there is still chance for fans to explore a new version. Yes, Google is here again launch its Google Glass edition 2 with new specification and features vowing the fans out there.

But wait, Google is now not the only wearable technology owner Microsoft is also leading its way to attract fans better than ever. Microsoft HoloLen is VR edition changing the world to view things differently.

The question is who is challenging whom? As per research Google is making the bridge to strike through the competition against Microsoft. Though Google has set the price low than Microsoft let’s see who would be successful in attracting customers.

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