Glass Balustrade:  Types, Uniqueness, and How to Choose


    Glass balustrade adds to the elegance and gracefulness of a home or office. A glass balcony or stair balustrades are some of the stylish features that fit to any architecture style. To add to the beauty, the transparent nature of glass comes into play which gives less obstructed views and suits all styles. With the advent of technology, we now have glass balustrades that come in all shapes and sizes and give us greater flexibility of choice.

    Glass Balustrade
    Glass Balustrade

    Why Glass Balustrade?

    • The Curved Glass Balustrade – Here the shape of the glass balustrade is aligned with the curvature of your balcony or terrace or stairways. The curved shape gives it a unique and attractive look.
    • Easy To Install Glass Balustrade – glass balustrades are easy to install and remove. If you want to reduce costs you can install it yourself or hire people from an installation agency.
    • The Maintenance-free Glass Balustrade – The glass used is highly dust resistant and it requires almost nil maintenance. Also, cleaning is very easy and does not require any help. Glass balustrade has easier cleaning options just requiring a clean cloth and water.
    • Glass Balustrade Handrails – The aluminum handrails used in glass balustrade gives it the structural strength but that does not interfere with the attractive finishing and being resistant to stains, weather, tarnish etc.

      Glass Balustrade
      Glass Balustrade
    • Ample Sunlight: They allow sunlight to pass through them resulting in providing natural light to your stairway and balconies.
    • Highly Durable: They are made of reinforced glass and are highly durable. Also, you don’t have to worry about termites and rust as with wood and steel respectively.
    • Secure: They are continuous as against other balustrade materials and designs which have gaps in between them. So, there is no chance of anything getting stuck.

    Types of Glass Balustrades

    The wide range of variety in the glass balustrade designs can help you to choose the perfect one. So, go through the following available designs.

    Frameless Glass Balustrade

    These do not have any handrails upon them and look highly attractive on balconies and terraces.

    Frameless Mini Post Glass Balustrade

    These are both economical and stylish option for gardens and balconies. They have stainless steel finishing on the decking and patio area.

    Semi-Framed Glass Balustrade

    Glass Balustrade
    Glass Balustrade

    These glass balustrades do not have any handrail on top of them. It requires very low maintenance but does not compromise on aesthetics and safety.

    Framed Glass Balustrade

    It is highly known for its durability. It is widely used in offices and commercial places with a lot of pedestrian traffic. It also has a tinted glass option which creates an ideal private place while allowing you to see everything outside.

    Uniqueness over other Balustrade Types

    Different types of materials are used for balustrades like wood, stainless steel, wrought iron, reinforced plastic and glass in balconies, staircases, terraces. But glass balustrade has some unique points over other balustrade types.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Glass is non-obstructive and gives a seamless transition from one boundary to other.

    How to Choose the Best Glass Balustrade

    • Have a budget in your mind before selecting a design.
    • Consider the material on which you would be fixing them
    • Would they be fixed indoors or outdoors?
    • Now choose the design.
    • Also, consider safety and regulations in your locality.
    • Go online a search for good company

    Glass Balustrade is a modern and trendy option for railing purposes. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different interior and add the extra charm to your house. They change the aesthetic view of a place. Install them after considering options and going through the above article.