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Gird Up Your Loins Because Ford Ranger Is Going to Astonish You


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Here Is How Ford Ranger Can Improve Your Productivity

Ford, an America based multinational automaker, boasts illustrious recognition all around the world thanks to its abundant know-how in the field of vehicle manufacturing. Ford produces luxury as well as executive vehicles and is an expert in catching the attention of car lovers. Its foundation was laid down by Henry Ford Ranger in 1903.

After gaining significant knowledge of luxury vehicle production, Ford tried its luck in heavyweight pickup trucks and got a massive success. Ford named its pickup truck as Ford Ranger. The Ranger is well ahead of all the rival vehicle in its class. Desperate to know more about it? There you go.  

Ford Ranger

It is basically a midsize pickup truck with a compact body. Ford has focused specifically on the workload capability of this vehicle. The Ford Ranger Engines comes in three different built styles.

However, the regular version consists of a two-door single cab with the workload capacity 43 cubic feet which means 1.21 m3 space and is designed to drag moderately lighter loads.

There is also a bigger version known as Super Cab which offers a load-space of a massive 64 cubic feet is. This version can lift heftier loads with more consistency.

Ford Ranger Engines

Ford offers Ranger with two diesel engines variants of 2.2-litre and a 3.2-litre capacity. The first one is more pocket-friendly but does not compromise on the performance. If you are up for a noiseless, smooth drive, go for this 158bhp engine.

In terms of speed, Ranger offers and acceleration from 0 to 100kms in just 11.8 seconds which is quite fast for a truck. However, if you prefer higher power output, you may opt for the powerhouse of 197bhp.

This 3.2-litre Ford Used Engine is comprised of five cylinders aimed at providing you with a scintillating performance. This is very good at towing and can drag 3,500kg load easily. Ford Ranger Engines are the exceptional handlers of your drive in any kind of environment. It is no issue that your drive either off roader or on, Ford Ranger performs the same as well as you expected.   

The Interior Leaves Very Less For Imagination

Get inside the Ford Ranger and you will be flabbergasted. One does not expect a luxurious interior from a pickup truck. Do not be misled by the work Ford ranger does, because you might think of its interior too as a sturdy one.

The interior of ford ranger is built around comfort. The steering is very light, allowing you to perform tricky manoeuvres at the drop of a hat. Space inside is intelligently utilized for the maximum advantage of the driver. The material used is of very high quality which can endure a lot of wear and tear.


Furthermore, for more conscious people, Ford introduces three types of interiors. In the Regular Cab, there are two seats coupled with comparatively a larger load bed. Super Cab, on the other hand, offers a small rear opening which allows access to two child seats.

Finally, the Double Cab option makes room for four large doors and three back seats. Ford has offered all three versions with a little fluctuation in prices but negligible in performance.

A Bird Eye View to Honda Accord

Here is a very close and deep look to Honda Accord. Honda CV-R Accord has good and fine exterior with sleek look and appearance. Dashing appearance with good eye catching ability CEED is a reasonable product of Honda with dynamic exterior. Front grille is impressive with wide bumpers. Low height roof offers a good and stylish appearance. Size is good enough for four to five occupants. Interior is well knitted and woven with quality features and the stuff quality is also good. Long and slowly inclined front wind screen offers good outer vies from inside and side pillars do not block the view as we find in several other hatchbacks. Dashboard is arranged in nice pattern and style. Steering wheel offers nice and solid grip on wheels, Features are also elegant. Drive away with it connected with your friends to assume most others do the same. Be happy and cheered with saving quite a lot.

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