Gift Card for Casino and Sports Betting Fans Now Available

Casino players now have a revolutionary new way to fund their gambling accounts by using a gift card, and Blackhawk Network is the company behind this new payment card product called Game On. 

Players can purchase gift cards and use them at licensed gambling operators. They have been asking for smart, easy funding options and the new card offers them this. 

Additional security and privacy

Game On provides additional security and privacy for gamblers. They no longer have to link their personal banking information to fund their accounts and can keep their betting activities out of the spotlight. The Game On card is now available for purchase in Pennsylvania and is accepted by the #1 online casino in Pennsylvania. The security, anonymity and simplicity of this card make it likely to attract thousands of users. 

Unique gift idea for sports fans

The popularity of online sports betting is increasing all the time. Consumers are now able to share the excitement of sports betting with family or friends by giving them the gift of a Game On card. 

This festive season, people are choosing many unique ways to give gifts, such as sending cakes online. Sports lovers will be overly excited to receive the Game On card with which to fund their sports betting. As each card features various sportsbook logos, a gift-giver does not have to worry about which sportsbook a recipient prefers. 

How does it work?

Cards are available at the checkout counters of several grocery stores and at leading retailers as well as at Purchasers can fund the card with just about any form of payment. They can then log in to one of the sports betting sites whose logos appear on the front of the card and try their luck.

To bet by using the new Game On card, a bettor must be in the state where it is purchased. Funds are able to be transferred into the online account from the card. The card has a reveal-number as well as a CVV and expiry date. An activation fee is applicable, depending on how much is deposited into a player’s account. 

Of all the best gifting ideas for this festive season, the Game On card makes the perfect gift for family or friends who are sports lovers. Of course, they must be of the right age and be able to place a bet legally to receive this gift. 

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