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Four Crucial Benefits a Business Website Provides to a Business 

In 2018, the telecom giant Telstra conducted their Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, which covered more than a thousand small and medium enterprises (SME) in Australia and more than a thousand Aussie consumers. The report was mainly focused on businesses having a website. 

About 62% per cent of consumers will decide to stop patronising businesses with no online presence to find any information about them online. 

The report suggests the importance of businesses, regardless of whether it is a startup, SME, or a large corporation, to have a fully-functioning business website. However, only 42% per cent of Australian businesses with ten or less staff do not have a website. 

Having a website is also crucial for SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a digital marketing strategy widely utilised by businesses of all sizes. 

With this in mind, for Australian business owners who want to invest in building a website but are holding back due to several reasons, here are some noteworthy reasons they can ponder on the courtesy of one of the trusted SEO Sydney services in Australia

  • Improved Presence Online

Having social media pages is an excellent way to boost your business’s exposure to your audience. However, it is not enough. If you want people to treat your brand as a legitimate business, you must invest in building a website regardless of whether you are a startup. Putting up a website means your audience and customers will find you easily anywhere and anytime. 

It also means your business is still profiting and gaining new customers even beyond your usual business hours. It is because websites do not close. It remains functional and open for transaction 24/7. So, your audience or customers feel that your brand is more convenient to transact with if you have a website they can access anytime, either on their phone or computer. 

  • Accessible Information 

The website’s simplest form is to provide information to people seeking answers to their questions online. However, a business website does more than providing information about your business. It is also the most efficient way to communicate with your customers or audience whenever they want to learn more about your brand. 

You can post your products, services, company background, contact information and other interesting facts about your brand. Aside from these, your website is also your e-commerce platform to offer your products or service to people online. 

  • Improved Credibility

People these days prefer companies who have an online presence. It means they prefer to patronise brands that have websites or social media channels. So, potential customers will not think twice about patronising your brand if they can access your business’s website. 

It improves furthermore if your business website is user-friendly and optimised for user convenience. 

  • Cost Saver

Digital marketing, in general, is more affordable than traditional marketing. Also, it reaches a wider range of people who are looking for your brand online. Australian businesses spend $3,000 to $10,000 on traditional marketing, including print, television, and radio. Whereas digital marketing only spends less than half of the mentioned amount based on the average fee of most of the SEO Sydney services in Australia

  • Expansion Possibilities

Your website is accessible to everyone around the world. So, it means you have the perfect chance to expand to areas where your brand or business has the highest engagement, sales, and income. You can easily break through the geographical boundaries in the world of business. 

Businesses must consider investing in building a website if they want to grow bigger. The benefits listed above are just some of the few of a very long list of benefits your business can enjoy. 

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