Finding Top Air Conditioning Perth Experts


    If you need air conditioning services for installation of new equipment, or even repair of your current equipment, finding a good contractor can sometimes be a pain in the kangaroo’s tail, but we’re going to give you a good deal on how to find the top air conditioning experts in the entire Perth area.  Many times, people find others who aren’t really cut out for the work, or who are limited with what types of work they can do, and the one we’ve found is not the case.

    What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Contractor

    When you’re looking into hiring the right contractor, you want to pick out a few sure. More importantly, you want to know that they’re getting your work communicated directly to them so they know exactly what you need. Many air conditioning units often involve a lot of heavy electrical work, especially with installation, so you need to know that they are licensed for even electrical work or have the experience necessary to work on your home’s wiring.

    Be Sure to Ask Questions

    When it comes to servicing your equipment or getting new equipment installed, you want to know every detail inside and out. Just like you wouldn’t want to order new food and not know what goes on it, you want to know every detail about what you’re getting put into your home to provide exceptional cooling. You want to ask for information about things like the energy efficiency, how much it will save you on cooling costs and more. 

    Make Sure They’re Licensed and Insured

    There have been many accidents when it comes with messing with electrical systems and even air conditioning units. Because of this, you want to make sure that you don’t end up like some other big corporations that have had multimillion dollar lawsuits because they went ahead and hired someone that wasn’t licensed and fully insured to do the work they were supposed to.

    Don’t Sign Anything Without the Proper Consultation

    You want to get a full quote and get all of the information out of the way before you even hire your contractor. At the same time, don’t be afraid to say you need to wait a day or two to think it over. If a contractor keeps pushing you to sign a contract, then this can sometimes be a huge red flag



    When it comes to finding the right contractor, you want to also make sure that they have a solid reputation both on and offline. Check references, and ask questions. When it comes to references, you can also ask to get the contact information for their most recent client or two so you can talk to them as well and get a decent honest opinion, rather than a sugarcoated resume. If you contact a company like RCD Electrical and Air Conditioning, you’ll know that you are getting a quality contractor that knows their stuff to work on your home.