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Few Things And Guidelines You Need To Know About Taxi Insurance

As a taxi or cab driver, you need to purchase a specific insurance policy for your taxi car. As your taxi is not just a car but also a source of living hood for you and your family. Here are some guidelines and things you need to know if you want to purchase an insurance policy for your taxi car or bus. As a taxi comes under commercial use or public use that why cover for these cars is different from other vehicles. If you are using a taxi for regular use than a regular cover is not enough for your cab or taxi.it is a legal requirement to ensure your taxi before carrying the passengers as it is for the safety of passengers and drivers. Many insurance companies provide insurance covers such as Cheap Minibus Insurance cover for public use transport.  You need to pay for insurance cover according to your vehicle value. Two main types of taxis are:

  • Public hire
  • Private hire:

Public or commercial use taxi is not pre-booked and picks up passengers from local spots and stations easily. You cannot pick up the customers without showing the proper card and license. You also need to pay for an insurance policy before using your car for public use.

Private hire taxi involves pre-booking and picks up the passengers from specific points and locations. A private taxi driver cannot pick up passengers from local stations or without booking.

Restrictions for Getting the Insurance Covers:

You can get insurance cover only if you are:

  • Citizen of the UK since last five years.
  • Holding a valid driving license for a taxi.
  • Only a taxi driver and do not do another job as your profession.
  • At least twenty-five years old.
  • Taxi badge holder from the last twelve months.

Types of Cover for Taxi Insurance:

There are three types of insurance coverage such as public, personal and unlimited use according to your car and working timings.

  • Public insurance cover in case of damage and injury of a passenger in an accident. It will also cover all legal compensations. This is a standard policy for all taxis. But before purchasing check your requirements because all covers do not provide all benefits.
  • Personal cover insurance provides policy in case if you are not driving a taxi as professional but just one weekend or for two to three days.
  • The unlimited cover provides taxi insurance for maximum usage. As a taxi driver, you cover more miles so, you need to pay more for these types of cover.
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