Few Important things you need to know about French Bulldogs

French Bulldog, also known as Frenchie dog, is a cross breed of two complete different types of dogs. The Bulldog, which has its origin at the UK, and a local breed from Paris was used to produce this cross breed. If you are looking for a reliable companion, in that case, this particular breed would just be the perfect option for you. These dogs are very affectionate and friendly. It is said that these dogs are a bit lazy by nature; however, if you are looking for something that won’t bark much, then this would just be the perfect option for you. These dogs can be easily tamed in small areas and they do not need to go through much of exercise routines for staying healthy and fit.

Few Features of this Dog

There are a couple of features of this dog, which differentiates it from the other breeds. Here are some of them

  • Cannot Swim: A French Bulldog is not capable of swimming. It is due to the fact that they have a bulbous head and squat frame. So, if you have a pool at your house, make sure to keep a close eye on your pup. These dogs are not the perfect options as an companion, if you are planning for a beach vacation.
  • They can’t Fly: Since they belong to brachycephalic breed, which essentially means that they possess shorter stouts as opposed to other breed of dogs, they face breathing issues. This is one of the reasons as to why many airline in the world do not allow people to carry this particular breed with them while traveling
  • Obedient: If you are looking for a pet, which would be obedient towards you, in that case, these dogs would just be the perfect options for you. Being of very calm and quiet nature, they can sit at one place for hours, without causing you much of a concern

These are some of the basic characteristics of these dogs. There are various accessories available in the market which would help you take care of your dog in a better way; CALIFORNIA DREAMIN Scarf for Frenchie dog is one such item. Besides, you can also go for French Bulldog Scarf

It is very important to note that special care needs to be taken for these dogs in order to keep them healthy. Search over the internet, to find more details on this particular breed of dog.

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