Facebook accused of job ad gender discrimination


    Van driving, roofing, police work – all jobs for men. At least, this is what Facebook offers a job advertise cluster.

    US citizen Liberty Union (ACLU) submitted a complaint to the US Equality Employment Opportunities Commission (EECC) on Tuesday, claiming that the Facebook Advertising System targeted sex-based advertising to the employees of the Facebook Can

    Specifically, complaints refer to three women in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Alliance, which were traditionally not considered to be dominated by men dominated.

    The complaint focuses on 10 different employers who posted advertisements working on Facebook – such as mechanic, routers and security engineers – but used to use social network targeting system. Who saw the ad In an example, the purpose of this purpose was that “men” could be promoted to “jobs” which were “25 to 35 years old”, and “or recently were near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania”.

    A separate investigation from Propoletica discovered that he said more examples than this is showing the same pattern.

    At the beginning of this year, research journalism site released an instrument in which the readers used to collect data on Facebook ads, and sent them information to send a proposition directly.

    Using this procedure, the site said it discovered that men were particularly targeted to run jobs with Uber in cities around the United States. This end was based on 91 advertisements organized by the Octoberber recruitment arm, one of which was targeted specifically on women, with which three were not targeted to any particular class. The rest were just seen by men.

    In a statement, Akbar said: “Both offline and online – We use different channels to reach the potential driver – to earn more people on their own schedule, to enable more and more people. with.”

    Absolute information

    However, this figure should be treated carefully. It is not clear that results of any type of discrimination on Facebook can be done widely.

    Although a particular advertisement can be targeted to criticize an advertisement, although targeting at women at the same time may be an equivalent advertisement that is not taken by advertisement propaganda tool. In addition, if a user clicks on an ad, why it is targeted to see – such as the ACLU complaint – they will be told to see why they did not specifically see the ad, but No details on all viewers for ad.

    The BBC has understood that data is in the process of dissolving data to conflicts and respond to ACLU’s complaint.

    When gender-based users can be targeted, it can be relatively harmful, for example, brands of clothing can be against American law for job advertisements. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against any person due to “caste, color, religion, sex, or national origin”. This law applies to every stage of employment, recruitment.
    From the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, Galilee Sharon said, “When care in men-run areas care only for men, they prevent the women from breaking into these fields.” Identification with specific gender, has also been removed.

    “What’s more about clicking on Facebook advertisements, viewers in these companies are involved in other jobs opportunities for which job-makers might be eligible.

    “Because no women do not see these ads, they were deprived of advertising-only jobs, but also learning about other occasions.”

    Facebook said it is reviewing the ACLU complaint and is looking forward to “protecting our practices”.

    “There is no place for discrimination on Facebook,” spokesman Jwausen said.

    “It is strictly prohibited in our policies, and during last year, we have strengthened our system to further protect against corruption.”

    The company has recently removed over 5,000 targeting options for advertisers. This move was inspired by a case that targeted illegal users based on race or sexual orientation.