Extra Features that Enhance your Wi-Fi Experience

When you are out there to buy a new router for your wi-fi system, the similarities among the models shown might baffle you, as in spite of looking identically same, all of them don’t provide the same set of features.

In these days of unlimited internet, the routers used for every wi-fi connection do share many things in common, especially the major features. Among them, some have an advanced set of features that play a vital role in enhancing the overall wi-fi experience. Here we would talk about all those extra features you should look for in the new router you are going to purchase so that your investment pays you back in real terms.

Gigabit Ethernet

The first thing anyone would sort out the models of several routers, will be the Wi-Fi capabilities. In this, many forget to check out the type of Ethernet a router has to offer. For those who use wired devices, should consider strongly on those routers that come with the Gigabit (1000Mb) Ethernet capacity that makes a great difference in frequent transfers of large data files between the devices on the same network. Hence, it is a very useful feature for office wi-fi setup.

Detachable Antennas

Though in most of the latest routers you’ll find internal antennas, that make them look more compact and sleek, many times these integrated antennas fail to provide the range of coverage you require. Choosing a router with external and detachable antennas on the other hand will bring you the flexibility of range coverage, as well as the option to upgrade to a still better coverage through varieties of direction, whenever it is necessary.

Reservations for DHCP

Though many might find it easier to assign the IP addresses through a DHCP, but when you need to have a fixed IP address to configure the static addresses manually, it can become cumbersome as well as time consuming. On the contrary, a router supporting DHCP reservations will allow you to set a specific IP address aside for all the exclusive usage of a given device in order to ensure the same address every time.

Traffic Meter

If you are unsure about the amount of data being used every month and fear it might cross the unlimited internet threshold, replace your existing router with the one that has a traffic meter. The traffic meter is made to monitor the entire data consumption by al the devices that are connected on your network and is meant to notify you when the data usage amount is nearing the predefined threshold.

USB Port

The usage of internet is ever rising while all the communication media are now being connected to the internet very fast. So the power of a router will be immense if it comes with USB ports. This small extra feature will help in sharing the contents across the network in the most quick and easier way.

Considering these above-mentioned features in your router will deliver you the desired effect of a hi-speed internet, which is now a basic necessity of every household.

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