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Everything you need to know about lead management


Once your marketing efforts are generating leads, you should get started with lead management.

Lead management is the process in which the focus is on converting leads into new customers.

With the right lead management, you will find out where your leads are in the buying process. And exactly that is the key to turning leads into loyal customers.

Lead nurturing

Most visitors on your website are not that far in the customer journey yet. They probably won’t make a purchase or do a hard conversion. By providing your leads with the right information at the right times, you will ultimately convert them into customers. This process is called lead nurturing. By providing these customers with personalized content, you will guide them to potentially becoming a lead.

Lead scoring

During the lead nurturing process, you track and identify the process of a website visitor.

In addition to this process, there is something we know as lead scoring. To create an efficient lead management workflow, scoring rules are very effective. You will assign points to the actions of your leads. Lead scoring is an automated process made possible by using marketing automation software.

Marketing Automation

There is no way we can have a conversation about lead nurturing and lead scoring without the topic of marketing automation. With all these different leads and all the data you receive from them, it’s a must that you provide everyone with the exact right content and the right moment. In the end, the goal of marketing automation is to increase the conversion of leads to customers.

Activation Studio

There are a lot of lead management software solutions available. Salesforce lead management software offers lead scoring and tagging capabilities for marketers. Activation Studio offers a flexible business-to-business and complete lead management system to help you win over your leads.

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