Everything to Know About Tenders

One of the ways that you can get involved in some of the major projects in Dubai is to find a tender and apply for it. However, there are plenty of things that you would need to know about how a tender works, including the various qualifications that are there. Not only that, but you would need to make sure that you are doing it in the proper format and that you put your documents in before the specified deadline.


Every one of the projects in Dubai will have a tender, especially if they are large or if they are done by the government. You should make sure that you are aware that there might be some specific requirements that would be listed, including:

  • The specific amount of turnover per fiscal year for your company

  • Number of years in the business

  • Deposit amount against the entire project amount

  • Specifications for documents needed

These are just a few of the major things that would be needed when you are applying for the tender, so ensure that you read it carefully so you don’t make any errors. Read the entire document when you are getting started so that you can determine whether or not you fit all of the criteria required so that you don’t waste time in creating documents that you can’t submit.


One of the things that occur when a tender notice has been given is that there is a date of submission. This means that you would need to have all of your documents, signed and given in to the required location, even if you are sending it by mail, by the given date. Ensure that you have the information regarding when it should be submitted and that you have enough time to get everything together since you never know what type of information will be needed. The date would be given when the tender is put out, so make sure that you are looking for it and finding ones that you can apply for.

It is extremely important that if you are going to be applying for projects in Dubai that you know what to expect when you are reading the tender. Ensure that you know all of the specific requirements that are there, including any that are financial or business based. Also, you should ensure that you give your documents in before or on the specified deadline so that your documents will be counted against the other bids.

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