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Everything that You Need to Know About Instagram for Improving the Strategy

Social media has undoubtedly become one of the crucial success drivers for all businesses all over the world. With almost 1 billion active users, Instagram is a productive social networking platform. This is the main reason as to why almost 70% of the businesses based in the US, is responsible for using this platform for the various purposes of marketing, as stated by www.unamo.com. It is a perfect way of presenting the business to the audiences, who are spread in different parts of the world. Also, if you are looking forward to target young customers, Instagram is the ideal place.

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How can you measure the performance of your posts on Instagram?

There are numerous valuable metrics, which you can analyze and follow. Obviously, the average marketing teams are not capable of monitoring each and every indicator, because they might not be relevant or feasible. Hence, they prefer focusing on numerous objectives, which make a positive impact on their businesses. For example, if your main motive is to raise the awareness of your brand, it is obvious that you are going to concentrate on the reach of the posts.

Apart from this, marketers who are interested in generating more leads are responsible for focusing on the engagement of the users, in order to get a clear understanding of how the prospects are behaving or the kinds of actions that they are taking.

Given below are the metrics that you should definitely have knowledge about.

Profile metrics

Profile metrics is responsible for consisting of 9 unique features, which include the call clicks, emails, the number of posts, profile views, as well as website clicks. Apart from that, the significant metrics that you cannot miss considering are:

The follower count: It is responsible for showing the total account followers that you have.

Impressions: This helps in revealing the number of times the followers have viewed your posts.

Reach: This helps in showing the unique profiles, which viewed at least one post of your Instagram account.

Mentions: Shows the total number of times the users mentioned the business account on Instagram.

Branded hashtags: Mentions the total number of posts that have the unique branded hashtags.

Audience insights

This is important because you will get to learn almost everything that is associated with your target audience. This is going to help you in designing the perfect content as well as improving the marketing performance. The elements associated with audience insights include the gender, age, top locations, followers’ hours, and followers’ days. You can get free Instagram likes for increasing the reputation of your brand on Instagram.

Instagram posts

This is the exact place where insights become more specific than usual by revealing the metrics that include the saves for each post along with the impressions. The other interesting and important features include the reach, likes, comments, views, and engagement.


In order to ensure that your brand is performing in a better manner, you need to understand Instagram insights. Also, this is going to help you to stay ahead of your rivals in the competitive market.

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