Evaluating Employee Worth: Front Desk Staff

Friendly Staff

 Most experienced businesspeople who have worked their way up from the bottom of the heap in their marketplace to the very top will have a lot of good things to say about competent reception staff. Indeed, if we consider just how important first impressions are in business, failing to hire confident yet courteous receptionists either to just answer the phone or to also greet customers in person could prove problematic.

Of course, apart from making sure all our front office staff are able to welcome all visitors to our company premises with a warm smile at all times, it is vital to ensure said staff are always friendly when answering calls from potential or existing customers. One way for companies to ensure their phone answering staff possess the aforementioned basic skills for people in this line of work is to use a firm providing phone answering services. But as there are heaps of reliable and highly-rated companies with outsourcing solutions for answering business calls in Australia, it would be wise to take some time before making a decision on one particular option. And by looking online, directors keen to read blogs about just how valuable some of their company employees are should be able to find relevant websites. Indeed, there are articles that will tell you just how important the job of a receptionist is. There are websites that are very useful for bosses who need to be reminded of just why they should consider what some of their staff do for their company.

First Contact

Because the person answering the phone at our company offices or other business premises is usually the first person a potentially interested customer will talk to when they have enquiries about what we provide, it is really important that this meeting gets off on the right foot.

Office HQ phone answering service based in Australia are certainly a very good option for companies desperate to find highly-skilled telephone operators who do not need telling about the importance of first impressions when dealing with customers. Indeed, we only have to look at the positive feedback that this provider of outsourced telephone services receives to appreciate why they are worth getting in touch with regarding our company’s front office needs.

Of course, the sort of staff to answer the phones at our business we could really do with are people who are able to maintain a positive approach when talking to new customers or those that who have been with us for a number of years already.


Good Qualities

What lots of company owners might do when thinking about the actual worth of their reception staff and other employees is discuss the matter with business associates such as their partners or senior management. Of course, scouring the internet for websites providing tips on evaluating our current workforce is also a good way to determine just what some of our staff are worth to the company.


With regard to how we may value the phone answering staff we have or are looking to hire, there are some pointers to consider related to this important matter such as:

  1. Staff who can create a positive image of the company
  2. Those who can help with promoting products or services
  3. Staff that are part of an effective public relations campaign
  4. Employees who provide a comfortable place for customers to express opinions
  5. Staff who help increase sales figures quite significantly

Indeed, bosses who strongly believe that a good receptionist team is quite simply something they could never do without are bound to appreciate not just all the positive points mentioned above, but a whole lot more too.

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