The construction industry is booming and it’s going to continue to grow in the years to come. There are a lot of reasons for this. There’s a sense of economic stability and that’s the main reason young people are deciding to purchase their first home. It’s also very much connected to changes in demographics and the fact that the Millennials are moving into suburbs and starting a more traditional lifestyle.

How Environmental Concerns are Changing Construction

This new population of homeowners has concerns of their own and they are very much connected to living a healthy and eco-friendly life. The housing needs to reflect these concerns, as well as to find ways to be less harmful to the environment.

Smaller homes


This may seem like an obvious thing, but smaller homes cost less, are easier to maintain and produce much less waste. A lot of homeowners are starting to think about downsizing and finding ways to accommodate their needs in smaller quarters.

How Environmental Concerns are Changing Construction


The changes in size don’t necessarily have to be about the home itself. Smaller yards can actually help much more than reducing the size of the home. The yards are mostly wasted space and you can live without it or use it as a garden.

Green walls

Green walls refer to the plants that are planted beside the wall of your home or on its roof. These can cover the entire wall- hence the name and their main purpose. Green walls will decrease your bills significantly because they provide natural insulation that no other material can.

Since it’s made out of plants, the added benefit comes from diminishing your carbon footprint and having much cleaner air around your backyard. These walls require maintenance and you need to choose the plants that grow during the whole year.

Using eco-friendly materials

Materials used to make a home are probably the biggest danger to the environment. They are almost never natural and they cause a disruption to the eco-system in which the home is built. This is starting to change because there are a lot more eco-friendly materials to work with.



How Environmental Concerns are Changing Construction


It’s most noticeable in the use of the recycled materials. Professional home builders from Sydney tend to use marble and other stone, that are beautiful precisely because of their imperfections, the same goes for the use of wood that comes from previously owned homes and a variety of different objects like old ships and furniture.


Water management

Water is one of those things that you don’t think of as a resource, but it is just that and it’s starting to become one that we need to take more care of. It’s best to create a system for managing water consumption within your home and to take this part of the design seriously.

You can start by having a system for collecting rainwater on the roof your home. It will dramatically decrease the amount of water you use in the bathrooms. It’s also useful to have faucets that are motion-activated because most of the water in your home is wasted by letting the water flow.

Solar panels

Solar panels are an option only if you live in the area where there’s enough sunlight. If this is the case, consider getting them even if you don’t plan to get off the grid entirely. Using the solar panels just 8 hours a day would decrease your electricity bills significantly.

How Environmental Concerns are Changing Construction

These panels are getting much less expensive and this trend will continue in the years to come. There are also governmental institutions that help with purchasing the panels. It’s mostly done by the government securing your loans and thus allowing you to have lower rates.

The future will have to be greener and that affects your homes as well as all other parts of your life. The change is going to be a bit tricky but in the long-run an eco-friendly home is also a less expensive home.


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