Enhanced Scopes Of Taxi App With Various Vehicle Types

Still struggling for deciding the service that you are going to present on your taxi app? Well, that is not a complex question actually and the answer to this question is too easy to identify. Just a little analysis can make your task easy. This article is to help you more with it and will surely reduce your struggle of doing the market analysis to identify the perfect services to offer the rides of your taxi app.

The categorization of different services can be done based on the capacity of total rides a vehicle can commence and the fuel consumption. More to this, the premium services and hospitality also matter while it comes to offer luxury and high-tech riding as the facilities of your taxi app. So without making any further delay head to the list and know which kind of services you can offer to your potential riders under different categories.


You can offer small sized cars as the economic service type. The smaller the car the best for the service, that is the rule remains here. Along with that, the cars offered here for the service under the category of economic should claim less fuel usage for the ride. That is how a truly economic service can be offered to the riders who are seeking for such service.


Here all the medium sized car will take place as the offered service type. Normally 4-5 seater cars are ideal to offer under this category. Fuel consumption of the cars offered under this category also should remain at the middle level. Cars with high fuel consumption aren’t suitable for this category. The standard ride service is one of the most popular and widely used services among different types of taxi apps across the globe.


It can be also called the business category. Almost all the services are costly as compared to the above described both the service types. This kind of vehicles offered under this category is generally high in fuel consumption. The rider capacity also remains limited just like the standard service type. The thing that differs here is the hospitality and other extravagance services which actually makes it an identical type of service.


A Tesla car as the service category will surely add an extra bit to your business. Tesla is a well-known company for premium cars. That same premier you can bring to your service by including Tesla car providers into your fleet. As it would be a premium service, you won’t be able to operate it in all the areas you are planning to serve. Such service gets limited to only premium areas of the cities.


SUVs are generally high in cost but the total number of the rides can be commenced in is higher. The main reason behind the higher cost is the higher fuel consumption of the vehicle. You can launch that same category in your own Uber Clone App to provide the riders an ultimate riding experience. Such services also take place under the premium ones and cannot be operated for regular riding areas.


It is an ultra-modern combo of luxury and the possibility of a higher number of rides to commence in a single vehicle as compared to any other vehicle type. It is a great combo to offer as the service type into your app. The service cost for this category will obviously remain high. It will be mostly preferred by the groups ready to go to the party or getting back home after partying hard.


In this category, you get an advantage to collaboratively work with the traditional meter cabs. That classic service is for the riders who prefer such services. It is very easy to integrate a separate feature within the app which will help to work with classic taxis and that too on the basis of meter charge. With such services, the old and new approach to the same business can join their hands to serve the best of them to the riders.


Moto is a scooter service which you might prefer to add to your app as a part of a unique offering. Such services are highly popular in the South Asian region where it is very common to ride on two-wheeler vehicle and enjoy an open-air riding experience. Regular Moto and Moto XL are some of the most popular riding options the rides usually demands.

At The End

So that was the whole idea to win the big game of the taxi app business. Offering suitable service types to the potential riders is the only key to get fabulous success in a very short period of time. Moreover, an expert taxi app development can help you with their white label solution. White label solution is an ideal option to go with as it gives the flexibility to add the service types according to your business.

Why it is ideal to have only a white label app for a taxi app business? That might be the common question teasing you. But the simplest answer to this question is the white label solution is not just a pocket-friendly option especially for those startups which are already struggling with the budget but it also provides lots of opportunities to engage more customers and it is easy to scale up such apps as the business grows.

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