Easy Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Worktop Material

One place in the house that connects all family numbers is the kitchen. Everybody enjoys family meals that are prepared here.

Since the kitchen is such an important part of the house, it requires a little extra attention and care when cleaning. The flooring, cabinets, worktops, appliances, dining area and everything else needs regular maintenance to keep looking their best. In fact, you need to take special care while cleaning the kitchen worktop as it is one part of the kitchen that is used the most.

While regular cleaning, by wiping with generic cleaners, can preserve the look of your worktop for some time, special care is required for long-lasting protection. This care varies based on the kind of material that has been used for the kitchen countertops. There is a different cleaner for every material (stone, wood, steel) that can extend its life. Presented below is a compilation of tips for cleaning different worktops:

The Basics of Cleaning Any Surface

You can clean any surface using dish soap and a soft cloth. Make sure that you use these two after you use the worktop. This will avoid any seepage of accidental spills into the material. An additional disinfectant will help you keep it germ-free for healthy and safe cooking.

This basic wiping is a standard cleaning routine and should be practiced religiously to ensure that your worktop maintains its looks and features for a long time.

Cleaning a Granite Worktop

Granite countertops are diverse, tough and very easy to maintain. The basic cleaning using a microfibre cloth is enough to maintain its shine for years.

For stubborn stains, however, you can use a paste of baking soda and water and leave it on for at least 24 hours before regular cleaning. What you do need to take care of is to avoid the usage of anything acidic on the countertop as it could damage the coating.

Additionally, you should avoid disinfecting wipes as they evaporate very fast to help the granite surface in any way. Instead, you can use a 50-50 solution isopropyl alcohol with 91% concentration and water.

Cleaning a Quartz Worktop

These non-porous countertops are completely protected against any kind of spills and are resistant to chipping and cracking. This property also makes it very easy to clean by using only hot water with a soft cloth. In fact, you should not use soap unless you encounter a stubborn stain. As it is with granite, you should avoid any use of acidic products as well as bleach.

Cleaning a Marble Worktop

Similar to granite and quartz, acid can be very harmful to marble countertops and can cause etching. Outside of that, you can clean it easily with warm water and dish soap, followed by mopping with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. If the marble has been sealed well, stains are not likely to occur on the countertop provided you remove spills promptly.

Cleaning a Laminate Worktop

Laminate worktops are a common choice in homes due to the cost factor, as well as the ability to replicate the look of any other expensive material. However, the low cost means that it compromises on the durability and thus, you should take care not to get any sharp or hot objects in direct contact with it.

Cleaning a laminate worktop is rather easy. A good wiping with the basic ‘water and soap’ solution is enough to maintain its appearance.

Cleaning a Soapstone Worktop

These worktops are the easiest to maintain, thanks to the fact that they are heat and stain-resistant. Soapy water and a scratch-free soft cloth are enough for cleaning this kind of countertop.

In case of scratches, use sandpaper on the area and clean it with a sponge. Adding a few drops of olive oil on the sandpapered surface will bring back the original colour.

Cleaning a Stainless-Steel Worktop

These are not very commonly used at homes but are a common sight in commercial kitchens. You can clean and maintain it with just soap and water.

The only care that it requires is to use limited pressure when wiping. Also, you must not use any sharp objects on its surface. For deeper cleaning, you can start with the regular soap solution and follow it up with a baking soda topped with vinegar.

Cleaning a Wooden Worktop

Hardwood worktops are the most durable among the wooden worktops. If well-sealed, they can last for many years. Cleaning a wooden countertop is different from cleaning stone counters. You should keep away sharp and hot objects from the wooden surface

You can remove stains from the surface either by using a solution of lemon and salt or mayonnaise or petroleum jelly with a soft cloth. This cleaning agent should remain over the stain for a couple of hours before you clean it the usual way.

With these useful cleaning tips for your kitchen countertops, you can make every moment spent in the kitchen pleasurable.


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