Electric rickshaws or E – rickshaws have been gaining popularity in most parts of the world since 2008. These days these new age vehicles can be seen easily on the streets. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss a few benefits of e-rickshaws.

Advantages of e-rickshaws

1. Eco – friendlyOk Play E-rickshaws are the best substitute to petrol or diesel run vehicles since they are operated on battery. These rickshaws do not produce any kind of smoke or pollution and hence, do not contribute in any way to the air pollution. The batteries, which are used for the working of these rickshaws can be efficiently recycled and therefore, will solve the issues of battery disposal.

2. Economical – E-rickshaws are relatively cheap and can simply be afforded by a common person. Passengers using e-rickshaws have to pay a less transportation charge. It is affordable not only for the owners but also for the consumers. The batteries can be conveniently recharged at home or at any place, which offers a proper voltage.

3. Free from noise pollution – E-rickshaws offered by the top e rickshaw dealers are free from making any noise pollution, as they do not produce any kind of sound. Passengers can have a hassle-free and comfortable ride.

4. Livelihood – E-rickshaws offers an excellent means of livelihood for the ordinary as well as illiterate people. Without having to invest huge amount of money, e-rickshaw drivers can earn a very good livelihood.

5. Safety – E-rickshaws engage less risk as compared to the other fuel-powered vehicles. They cause less accident as they are lighter and slower in comparison to an auto rickshaw. There is a possibility of bang in the case of fuel-powered vehicles.

6. Easy maintenance – As they make use of less electricity, they do not need fuel to make their engines work. E-rickshaws do not make use of any engine and do not have a gearbox and therefore, the burden of maintenance is abridged. The motor, which is taken into use in these rickshaws, is smaller in size and the battery is installed below it. Therefore, maintaining them is very easy.

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