Do’s and Don’ts of a Car Accident

Car accidents happen so suddenly that people involved do not realize what to really do and what not to do immediately after the collision hence we have made a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts after a car accident.

DO Seek Medical Attention:

You may feel fine immediately after the accident but many times the injuries are internal and do not show immediate symptoms hence do not wait for the symptoms to grow, get yourself checked immediately.

DO Co-operate with Emergency Personnel:

Sometimes the ambulance may be called in the site of the accident, do not go against what emergency personnel advice. If they feel you need to get treated immediately, listen to them and follow their instructions.

DO Call the Police:

There are certain situations where calling the police can be helpful as they can document the scene and make an accident report that can be useful for later claims.

DO Get Information of the Other Driver:

If you are involved in an accident with another car, then make sure to get all the information of the other driver, the make, model and license plate number of the car. This will be needed for any legal proceedings.

DO Get Information from Nearby Witnesses:

If the car accident happened in an area where there were other witnesses, get their contact information or record their information on the scene. Collecting as much information about the accident scene as possible will be helpful for your claims.

DO Take Photographs of the Scene:

To be able to claim car insurance, you should take photos of the accident scene as this may act as evidence as well.

DON’T Place Yourself in any Danger:

While you should try to do all the above, do not indulge in any danger. If you feel the vehicle may catch fire, stay away from it.

DON’T Move Your Vehicle:

It is important that you do not move the vehicle until law enforcement collects all the evidence and has a report ready. Each bit of evidence is important if you wish to make claims in the future.

Don’t Dispose of the Evidence:

Whatever evidence you collect in the accident scene, do not dispose it off, as the evidence will be required to be produced during legal proceedings or insurance claims.

DON’T Admit to the Accident Being Your Fault:

After the accident, do not apologize or say anything that shows that it is your fault as it can be used against you as an admission.

Don’t Agree to a Give any Recorded Statement without Attorney:

Before you make any statements regarding the accident, hire an attorney from to review your statement and make the right one as once you record a statement, you cannot change it and will be stuck with it which may cause you insurance loss.

Don’t Agree to any Compensation without Legal Representation:

No one likes being in a traffic accident. Things get tougher when the person who is at fault walks away scot free without paying anything for his or her error. This is why you need to get the best legal help, which can ensure just and fair compensation for your accident. For additional information, read more.

If you agree upon a settlement, do not finalize before consulting an attorney as they have handled many such cases and will help you decide upon a fair compensation.

Car accidents can be a traumatizing experience already and handling legal and insurance can add on to the stress. Hiring an attorney is the best action possible in such a scenario who can take care of both, without you worrying much.

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