A gold necklace set can be a great investment and it is something that every Indian woman desires to possess. If you are planning to buy such a set of necklace, there are a few things that you must first know.

Different types of necklace set:

  • The classic necklace set:

This is the minimal necklace set that comes with a neckpiece and earrings. The designs can vary largely with the neckpiece having a simplistic pendant or it can be one with multiple chains and heavy chunky design. These necklace sets also make for great gifts, and one can pair them up with ethnic wear anytime.

  • Necklace set with maangtika

This kind of necklace set comes not only with the neckpiece and earrings but also a maangtika which can complete any traditional look. If you are planning to shop before your relative’s or friend’s wedding and would like to go for something that is a little extravagant, this is the kind of set that you ought to look for. Whether you plan to wear a saree or a lehenga, a well-paired mangteeka with the perfect necklace and earrings can complete the look and make you stand out.

  • Bridal Necklace set

This is the complete necklace sets can come with a neckpiece, earrings, nath, and maangtika, and could be an ideal investment if you are buying the necklace set for the bride. All the pieces match each other, and they together can complete the look. The sets come in incredible design, from heavy and junk to trendy and lightweight, and no matter the preference of the bride, there is sure to be something that they will like.

  • Trendy and chic necklace set

These are the ones that stand in stark opposition to heavy traditional necklace set. The necklaces can have sleek, unique designs and can be worn with western wear. These kind of necklace sets are ideal for office parties; they add a touch of elegance to the attire without being too loud.

Things to remember while purchasing the gold necklace set:

  • When you are purchasing a gold necklace set, always remember to look for the hallmark. Never purchase gold without checking for the same, or you cannot expect a resale value.
  • 22k gold is the best for jewellery, while 18k and 14k are also popular. In any case, one should never buy gold that does not meet the minimal 14k standard.
  • If you are purchasing something that has gems and stones in it, verify the cut, quality, carat of the same.
  • Always purchase gold jewellery from well-known sellers to ensure that you’re purchasing authentic product.
  • While making a purchase, ask for a warranty, so if the design turns out to be faulty or if there is anything else wrong with the product, it can either be exchanged, fixed or returned.

Check out a few designs to compare the best return for the money. Also, seeing more options might help you figure out what exactly you would like to buy. Always purchase a product that you are sure to use.

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