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Dedicated Location Pages Are Best for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) have marked up the 90 % of all the manufacturing thrive. Its importance can be realized from its value in industrial sectors who maintain their assets and revenue below the threshold.

Most of them have created the dedication location pages to foster their business outside the residential location because they don’t have physical existence in other areas. So, how, many of you think that these dedicated location pages still work for the small and medium sized enterprises?

For those who don’t know, it will be a tough nut to crack. And it is in real too. It’s no more than the two sides of same coin that completely differ from each other and give you tough time.

City-Specific Landing Pages Universe

People talk less about this as it is not in their preference list. But the information we are going to share with you won’t disappoint you and help you get the right answer right away.

Easy questions have the tough one answers. Nevertheless, we will simplify it for you. There are number of local seo companies who have had success with this practice.

Now, what these local seo agencies do is simply create a single page for a city they want to be recognized as SMEs. They focus on the page design, creation of unique content for website and addition of the contact information so that they can get revenue from small business seo.

Their content is a key to their success when they beautifully address their services to the customers and let them know that they do not physically exist in that particular area but are serving the other cities residents too. This is what we call local SEO optimization where you become visible online to your customers without being in that area.

However, these services are limited to travelers, car dealerships, or specialty hospital services. It doesn’t really work well with the software companies or restaurants. It’s because people don’t like to travel for these kinds of services. Still some do, but there are rare chances of this to happen.

Note: If you implement a robust small business seo strategy for local keyword rankings, you will be out of the local pack (the list of places and map) without being at any physical location.

Yes, because these local pack listings generally list down the organic listings on the bottom of the page. This practice won’t be worthy for the top organic spot. Therefore, you should do some sample searches to look at the results and then plan accordingly.

Local Seo Backlinks Acquisition

Another strategy shared by the Boston Seo services agency is to secure the local links in the areas where you want to serve, where you want to become part of the community and leverage your sales.

Let me tell you one thing, it doesn’t work well until unless you are working in a nearby area. Like if you run a small car dealership business in Houston but you want to serve the customers of Chicago locality residents where you are not physically located.

So, what will happen is that your GMB listing will (local pack powerful part) not come up for Chicago. Especially when there is well-performed competitor in Chicago that is already doing best in your comparison.

At last, if you are providing the professional seo services to the clients you can suggest them to arrange events, give discount for limited time, arrange workshops and sponsor the events on small or large scale depending on the investment. This way, they will surely get local seo backlinks from Chicago too.

This suggestion worked for all the experienced firms that allowed Google to see this as relevant for city-specific searches. Sometimes, it also happens that organic listing come up above the local pack.

What Benefits SMEs Achieved Through Dedicated Location Pages Creation?

  • Their services were expanded to the other service areas.
  • They reached more reviews from people living in Chicago.
  • They expanded their business area from one domain to another domain.

If you are thinking that you can rank now against all the major cities, then it’s not possible because local searches are based on proximity that operates quite differently from the broader SEO strategies. For more information, you can take the guidance of local SEO expert now. They will guide you properly and help you think above the threshold.

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