Data Center Migration: 5 Best Practices You Should Follow

Data Center Migration: 5 Best Practices You Should Follow

If you are moving your business to a new location, you have to also make plans for transferring your data center. This is where so much of your most important equipment is stored, and the home of your most important information.

By learning the best practices and some precautions, you shouldn’t have a problem getting started in your new location. Put together the best data center migration by using the following tips.

1. Have a Project Management Plan

Planning ahead is the best thing that you can do when you have a data migration project. The first part of your plan should be hiring a professional that can handle the work.

When you are dealing with so much sensitive data and expensive hardware, it should only be handled by tech experts that know how to handle it. There are plenty of data center migration companies that can address the project for you.

After hiring some professionals you should also be able to set up a plan for the rest of the project. The plan should be comprehensive, and should address every part of the migration.

2. Get to Know Your Equipment Needs

If you are considering a data migration, it means that you will need to find the best equipment. Get to know whether you intend to keep your data center the exact same, or whether you should make some upgrades.

If you are making any sort of upgrades, it means looking for hard drives, buying the best cables, and making sure that you have outlets and power protection that will help keep the data center up and running.

3. Have a Budget in Place

Take some time to get to know all of the cost measures that are at play for your data center migration. Find out the average costs of a data center migration for the size and type that you need.

That way, when you start talking to migration experts they can give you estimates.

4. Make Sure You Know Your Goals

When you are planning out your data center migration, you should always start with your goals and intent. Criteria for success might include things like uptime, whether you are changing to a new type of data center, and improving your protective measures.

You should also have goals in place for the amount of time that your data center migration takes.

5. Keep Your Building as Cool as Possible

Whenever you transfer your data center, it’s important to make sure that your new building is equipped to contain it. This means knowing that your cooling needs are taken care of.

Improve your air conditioning system and make sure that it has temperature zones and climate control so that you can also save money while keeping the building cool.

Address Your Data Center Migration

These tips will help you whenever you have a data center migration project. A data center move is one of the most important things to account for when relocating, so treat it with the care that it deserves.

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