Crazy Electric Bills, Game Over: 5 Ways To Power Your Home With Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is free. Thus, more and more people are increasingly using renewable energy to power their homes. Powering your entire home with renewable energy may seem like a no-brainer, but knowing what kind of source is a bit complicated.


Solar panels are not the only option for powering your home with electricity. It is certainly a great choice, but there are still a lot of options out there. Wind Power? Geothermal Power? Or Hydropower? It is very overwhelming.

Fresh and new energy sources are on the rise. And most homeowner will learn that there is a renewable energy source perfect for their homes. To learn more, check out the list below.

Photovoltaic Shingles

Photovoltaic shingles, also known as solar shingles, is a much better option than solar panels. With that said, you can bid goodbye to the large, giant solar panels. Solar shingles have evolved into one of the best options for reducing electric bills.

Furthermore, they are way better to install compared to the conventional panels, and they are much more pleasant to the eye. Solar shingles work well with asphalt shingles because they seamlessly do their job to take care of the roof against various elements.

If you wish to cut your monthly electric bill by about forty to sixty percent, then install at least 350 photovoltaic shingles on your home’s roof. As such, you can potentially save thousands of dollars over time.

Solar shingles are protective, weather-resistant, functional shingles. It is perfect for homeowners who are environmentally conscious.

Residential Wind Generator

It is very common to see those huge wind turbines in the offshore. If you are thinking to use a wind generator to power your home effectively, you do not have to think about those massive wind turbines.

Wind turbines come in small sizes nowadays, and they are increasingly becoming a great option as a renewable energy source. Small wind turbines are renewable, powerful, clean, and you can also save tons of money.

However, depending on the type of your home and your location, you will certainly save thousands of dollars from about six to thirty years. And eventually, you will never have to rely on commercial energy.

Hybrid Renewable Energy

If your ideal home is off-grid living, then a hybrid solar and wind energy might just be the perfect energy source for your home. Hybrid renewable energy presents both solar panels and wind turbines to generate more power.

Installing hybrid solar and wind energy, most especially for off-grid living, is very ideal. Hybrid systems are the most reliable and efficient source of energy because they tend to be the most convenient and feasible at different times. Overall, the hybrid system is certainly a safe and clean source of energy.

Micro-hydro Power systems

Although, hardly all of us does not have flowing water on our home property. However, it’s possible for people who can potentially save lots of money over time. Even a small flow of water can produce clean, consistent, renewable, and dam-free energy at a lower cost than wind or solar.

To be able to make it work, this system requires a pump, a water wheel, and a turbine to turn the energy of the streaming water into electricity. Thus making it both a reliable and efficient source of energy.

Because of the affordability, longevity, and versatility of this system, developing countries can implement and manufacture this technology to supply all the required electricity to power villages and communities. Plus the maintenance and the preservation of this system is relatively low.  

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the heat from the earth’s surface. You can utilize this kind of energy to generate renewable, safe, and clean energy. This kind of energy provides renewable energy without emitting greenhouse gases or any harmful chemical that can damage the environment.

By utilizing geothermal systems, you can certainly keep your home at the natural temperature, without requiring any electricity. Furthermore, the greatest advantage of using geothermal systems is that it eliminate or reduce the emitted carbon footprint of the home.

Geothermal systems have few moveable parts, making it both highly reliable and durable, with almost no upkeep required. And unlike air conditioners, you will never have to worry about the loud sound it might produce. The truth is, you can’t even tell that it is running.


If you decide to power your home with renewable energy completely, then you must mentally, financially, and emotionally invest in them. You cannot afford to have any mistakes or lapses because it can leave you broke.

Renewable energy sources like solar shingles, residential wind generator, hybrid systems, micro-hydro power systems, and geothermal energy can provide you the energy you need to power your home, without spending a fortune. You can shop for these energy sources in any online store like GStore.


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