What Corinne Olympios Remembers From Night of Bachelor in Paradise Incident

It has been a dramatic 7 days for Bachelor in Paradise stars Corinne Olympios and and DeMario Jackson who uncovered themselves from the eye of the storm right after an alleged hook-up long gone erroneous during the main night of filming the fourth season on the strike ABC present in Mexico.

When plenty of details has come out from different sides, E! Information has learned exclusive information about Corinne’s night time in Mexico.

According to a resource, this is often what she allegedly remembers:

Corinne alleges that she has not found the tape of your events and she does not try to remember substantially on the occasions of the night time since she was blacked out for the majority of it. Nevertheless the last memory she has is getting a shot of tequila.

Full story read. http://www.eonline.com/news/861766/what-corinne-olympios-remembers-from-night-of-bachelor-in-paradise-incident

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