If you are looking forward to investing abroad, it is important to pick a good jurisdiction. You need to look for a country that can catapult your business to success as fast as possible. One requirement for all businesses entering Hong Kong is identifying a resident company secretary. The law places a lot of emphasis on the secretary because he is the legal link between the organization and the administration. In this post, we look at five reasons why the secretary you pick is central to the business success.

He is responsible for updating the company after policy changes

Your company can only grow if it operates on the right side of the law. Even though you might have followed the current laws in Hong Kong at registration, the administration is highly vibrant and keeps generating or updating current policies. If you do not have a system of staying up-to-date with the regulatory changes, the chances are that you will end up breaking the law without knowing.

A company secretary follows all the policy changes over time to ensure that your company always remains on the positive side of the law. This eliminates the risks of being drawn into the courts, suffering from hefty fines, or getting the license withdrawn. Also, to forget to get the correct visa if you are an entrepreneur, an investor or a startup, it is mandatory!

The roles of the secretary define the decisions that the company takes 

The roles of a company secretary are at the heart of the company operations. If you pick a committed and highly qualified secretary, be assured that the business will grow to the next level because of the following;

  1. Better cohesion between various arms of the business
  2. Good advice to the top leadership and board
  3. Timely meetings to resolve issues and drawing great decisions for faster growth
  4. Better connections both in Hong Kong and in the entire Asian peninsula
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