Common Signs That Show You Have Bad Sod in Your Atlanta Home

Common Signs That Show You Have Bad Sod in Your Atlanta Home

If you have a beautiful lawn in your home, it means that you have healthy and fresh sod. It means the can sprout easily. Unfortunately, if you do not take proper care of it, chances are high that your sod would remain unhealthy and lose its lush green color. If you are having no success lately with making your sod appear lush, there’s a high chance that it’s actually not your fault. To know if you have poor quality sod, you need to watch out for some warning signs.

When you invest from sod farms in Georgia, rest assured that you wouldn’t have to worry much about the quality. However, here are some common signs you need to know.

All You Have Left is Soil

A warning sign to watch out for is to check whether your soil consists of soil entirely. The best way is to test the soil. You can accomplish this by picking a handful of the sod and then sifting it through your fingers. When you get quality sod, such as sod from Atlanta Sod Farms, it should contain minerals, have more roots, be smooth, and bulky in consistency. When referring to the consistency, this means that the sod should be able to produce healthy quality grass. Usually, sod that consists of more soil will not be effective for you in the days to come ahead. Eventually, you will have to replace it.

Does It Have Fungus Growing On It?

Another sign of poor quality sod is the signs of fungus growing on the lawn. Usually, this appears more like a moss covering, typically, this is orange in color, with small mushrooms popping on it eventually. Often the fungus grows on the sod after excessive exposure to moisture, or if the quality is poor in the first place. Even if you can try different types of treatments like using fungicides, these can only lead to problems. In addition, you will have to spray more harmful chemicals in the air, which will only damage the sod quality further. In most cases, once you have fungal growth, the only choice left is to opt for new quality sod.

Drying Grass That Eventually Dies

When you want the perfect lawn for your home, you would want it to be green, healthy and lush. Unfortunately, the grass type just won’t come from poor quality or unhealthy sod. Regardless of what you try, and your grass remains unattractive, brown and dead, probably, your sod gets the blame. When you explore stores, you will come across treatments that help to fix dead grass, but if bad sod is your main issue, then nothing will work.

It is advisable that you do not waste your money on treatments. You should tackle the root cause of the problem. The best way is to opt for new and improved quality sod.

Is Weed Growing Too Often?

Another factor that decides your sod is bad in quality is when you see weed growing on the tip of the sod and spreading across your lawn. This is especially true if you are finding it tough to get rid of them. As the weed sprouts, this is because the sod consists of a lot of moisture. This is a major problem, and correcting it will only mean replacing the sod. You also have to be careful because weed killers could only harm the health of your grass. The weeds will only lead to further problems, making your efforts useless. At such times, the best option for you is to replace the sod. This is a much better option and it helps to get rid of weed for the last time.

Investing in new sod is the best choice because quality sod usually contains the necessary ingredients that will keep the weed from sprouting in the first place again. When you have new sod and see such warning signs, you will be glad to know that there are some great

sod farms in Georgia.

Such farms often produce sod that will sprout into a beautiful lawn. One that you and your family will enjoy.

When you buy quality turf, you have to watch for some important characteristics; these usually include the quality of the roots, the grass length, the color, the soil consistency, and maturity of the grass. If you see any brown of empty patches, that’s a warning sign and you should consult sod experts to check the quality.

As you explore the market, you will come across varieties, including zoysia, Bermuda sod, centipede and many others. However, the trick to choosing the best one is to see its thickness, and freshness. When you consult experts, you should feel free to ask them any questions you have in mind. This should help you make a well-informed choice.

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