Coding is rapidly rising as a favorite activity among children, and not only for those people who dream of becoming computer programmers when they grow up. If you desire to help your kids get started, some visual and child-friendly applications that can educate users on how to create games and code other basic exercises on their own.

In today’s generation, coding is already a critical talent or ability. It’s either you will create a personal blog, website, online publication, the basics of coding can go a long way.


Minecraft is one of the most popular games in today’s generation. Its style and sandbox make it adaptable. Minecraft prominently offers you a safe environment and place for programming.

You might use this application to teach your kids about setting up a Linux server. Linux is perfect for your kids because it teaches them valuable lessons in life. It also holds lots of tutorials which help you foster real-world programming skills.



The cargo-bot application sets you in charge of all the details, which you must handle carefully through commands. This app introduces programming direction in the form of a game. You will maneuver a robotic arm and control it to move boxes into established areas.

Once you already know how the game goes, you will discover lots of challenges that await in higher stages.

One of the advantages of using this app is that you do not have to go progressively through the game, so if you’re ready for the next challenge or stage, you can proceed right away. Cargo-Bot is also an excellent demonstration of games that you can create on an iPad.

Gamestar Mechanic

This application educates your children to create their video games. Playing video games is very enjoyable and tempting, so the idea of designing a game is attractive to your children.


In this manner, designing a game is a good starting point for your children. However, because this application mainly aims its attention on the design of the game, it is more advanced and unique.  


This application is appropriate for children aged 7 to 14 years old. This application has its unique features such as courses, gamification, and game creation. It allows you to develop and create game designs. You can also earn some items that you can utilize to create your games.

Move the Turtle

This application is one of the best options if you like coding concepts in a more linear pattern. Move the Turtle application adapts a learn-as-you-go game plan, where your kids use programming-style directions with a course of challenges.


This application requires you to move the turtle according to the instructions in this logical game. It also drives you through different levels and challenges. In every additional programming commands, you will have a clear understanding of how to point commands to your turtle.

Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar

This application was made by Fisher-Price. It offers a good and unique offline toy and app. It is one of the excellent ideas to help your kids in programming edification and hands-on tech.

With the use of this application, your kids can solve some puzzles with coding concepts and basic computer programming. Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar is good for the children that age from 3 to 6 years old.

Expect some slight and challenging directions for your kiddos because of its coding, but all in all the app is helpful. It would be better if you will supervise your kids while they are using. This application is great because there’s a corresponding toy in addition to the app.

It also has effects and music that can be turned off for you to avoid any distraction. For you to hone and enhance the coding skills of your kids, you can always check some of the reputable sites like Deal Wiki because they specialize in coding through coding applications.



The world continuously evolves and discover some new technology and has now become technology-driven. Almost every establishment owns a computer for the company to function smoothly. In today’s generation, one of the best way to teach your kids on how to code is to use a computer for them to adapt to the modern society. It also helps them to develop their critical thinking ability.