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Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server: Which Is Better for Your Business?


In 2018 alone, 77% of American enterprises had at least one business application on the cloud. During the same year, American companies spent a whopping $3.5 million to meet their hosting needs.

Today, businesses have a wide range of options to consider when seeking web hosting services. However, even as these options increase, you need to choose the right option.

Selecting between a dedicated server hosting plan and the cloud hosting option is often the first hurdle when seeking web hosting services.

Are you stuck between selecting a cloud server vs dedicated server for your business? In this article, we contrast the two and provide you with insights on the better choice for you to maximize performance.

What Is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers refer to physical servers at the enterprise-grade level, which host the applications and services of a single host client. If your website has high traffic, then this dedicated server option is your best choice for web hosting. Dedicated servers help ensure that you focus on performance as a paramount consideration.

What Is a Cloud Server?

A cloud server refers to a virtual server instead of a physical server, which runs in a cloud computing context. The cloud server’s design, hosting, and functions depend on the internet for functionality.

Cloud Server vs Dedicated Server

The main difference between cloud servers and dedicated servers is the infrastructure.

The type of infrastructure used for cloud computing takes a virtual approach, while dedicated servers embrace a physical platform. However, when comparing their advantages benefits, dedicated servers have more pronounced advantages.

If you work with a hosting company that offers fully-managed and semi-managed maintenance services, you won’t have to worry about performance. This is more so when dealing with mission-critical functions for your business.

Here are the main pros of dedicated servers.


The issue of security has become a critical concern in the age of cybercrime. When you go out looking for a hosting server for your business needs, the safety of your data should be a priority. The good news is that with dedicated servers, there have been recurrent advancements to emphasize the safety and security of your data.

Today, developers are keen on introducing features such as the DDoS, which seeks to protect your data at all times. Compared to cloud servers, dedicated servers are not prone to recurrent cases of online intrusion. If your main concern as you look for hosting options is security, then a dedicated server should be top of your list.

Compared to a cloud server, the dedicated option provides a more realistic shot at managing your data safety and security better. It would make more sense to consider dedicated servers for your business as the first step towards ensuring top-level security.


There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with increased traffic if your business lacks a proper plan for scalability. Today, every business has its sight set on ensuring an increased online presence. As your website grows, you’ll likely experience a steady rise in traffic.

Unless you have a dedicated server that can ensure scalability, you might get in trouble at some point. You need a server that can help you scale up in tandem with a spike in traffic.

When comparing cloud server vs. the dedicated server, the latter provides a better shot at ensuring that your ability to manage a spike in traffic remains in check as your business expands.

The problem with any other hosting option is the probable increase in bounce rates and loss of revenue.

Are you looking for a hosting option that will ensure scalability? Considering a dedicated server for all your hosting needs will ensure that you achieve the scalability you need as your business grows.

Web Page Loading Speed

Nothing frustrates your customers more than a slow loading website. One-second delay on your website’s loading speed can cost you at least 7% in sales. This statistic is worrying, considering that most businesses don’t pay attention to their web pages loading speed. The types of hosting options you choose can determine the level of sales for your business.

Have you been looking for ways to make your webpage’s loading speed optimal? A dedicated server offers you a better chance of minimizing the bounce rates and ensuring that your clients access the information they need on your website as soon as possible.

Working with a dedicated server ensures that you have the bandwidth you need to enhance your page loading times. These are more reasons why you should consider working with a dedicated server. These dedicated servers are the best solution for slow loading speeds.

Better Control Over Your Server

When running your business, you need to have enough control over the various processes. As opposed to other server options, dedicated servers tend to offer you greater control over your routine operations.

As your business grows it’s important for you to be in control of all the mission-critical processes. When dealing with other options such as the cloud server, you may not have as much control. However, with dedicated servers, you control the operating system and other important features that help you manage your data better.

Consider a Dedicated Server Today

As the business context changes, hosting will become an important part of your core operations. Working with the right web hosting platforms will make access to your websites easy and fast. This will, in turn, improve your sales while also ensuring that you have happy clients.

You need to know the hosting options that work for you. Without this critical information, you might end up with the wrong hosting platform and fail to maximize profits.

Have you been trying to contrast cloud server vs dedicated server? These four key differences paint the best picture of why you need to consider dedicated servers for all your business needs.

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